Mike Mussina Autograph TTM Success

 ‘The Moose’ sent 2 beautiful autographs in just 13 days!!!

Mike Mussina finished his last season as a major league pitcher just a few short months ago.  I admire several things about Mussina.  His work ethic and competitiveness are Hall of Fame caliber.  But the more I think about it since his retirement has been made public, I also admire how he left the game – ON TOP!!!  Oftentimes we get to see our favorite player’s skills diminish as they stay in the game too long either waiting for a chance to win a championship or they have a desire to get one more paycheck.  Mussina did neither and left the game after the first and only 20-win season of his 18 year career.  And for that act alone he deserves quite a bit of respect.

Then there are the stats: 270 wins with 153 losses.  2,813 K’s.  Career ERA of 3.68.  17 straight seasons with at least 11 wins.  9 Top 6 finishes for the Cy Young Award.  5 All-star appearances. 

One hell of a pitcher and one hell of a guy.  Thanks ‘Moose’!!!! 


6 responses to “Mike Mussina Autograph TTM Success

  1. I need to send something to him.

  2. He’s got to be one of the best signers in all of baseball.

  3. wow… that A&G auto looks sweet!

  4. Possibly my favorite starting pitcher I’ve ever watched… Mariano Rivera being my all-time favorite anything ever. I agree that it is a great move, going out on top.

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