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Fernando Valenzuela Autograph Through The Mail Success!!!

How nice does this signed card look??  Although Fernando only signed 1 of the cards I sent to him, he returned them all to me in just 10 days.  I am thrilled to add this autographed card to my collection.

I’m guilty – I admit it – I caught onto ‘Fernando-Mania’ when I was younger.  I am not sure what did it as I was living on the other side of the country in Florida when Valenzuela reached the height of his popularity but there is something undeniably exciting about watching him pitch.  My guess is that he doesn’t look like a guy that can dominate in professional sports, yet he had an incredible 10-season stint with the Dodgers and due to his Mexican heritage, and playing in LA, he became an instant hit. 

It’s really cool to add this Cy Young winner, Rookie of the Year winner, and World Series winning, no-hitter throwing pitcher’s autograph to my collection!!! 


Whitey Herzog Autograph Through The Mail Success!!!

 In just 10 short days, Whitey Herzog returned these beautifully signed cards to me.

Not often rememberred for his 8-year career as a player in the big leagues, Whitey Herzog is best known as one of the faces of the St. Luois Cardinals franchise.  With a career win/loss record of 1,281/1,125, Herzog and his famous crew-cut hairstyle led the St. Louis Cardinals for the entire decade during the 1980’s.  In his crowning moment, the team won the World Series during the 1982 playoffs.

Herzog is still a very popular face in the St. Louis area and can be found quite often around the current team and their functions.

 Thanks Whitey!!


Happy Birthday Bob Uecker!!!

Yep, Bob Uecker turns 74 today!!!

Not too often is a player remembered or more famous for what they did off of the playing field than what they accomplished on it.  But for Uecker, that is exactly the case.  After leaving the game of baseball with just 6 seasons under his belt, Bob Uecker became better known as a comedian/actor.

Who could ever forget his role in the Miller Lite commercials that dominated the air waves in the 80’s and 90’s.  And then you have Mr. Belvedere in which ‘Uecker’ starred for 5 seasons.  You certainly cannot forget the countless appearances Uecker made during late night television as he hung out with Johnny Carson.  And you have to remember him as the radio announcer in the Major League Trilogy…

One of my favorite Uecker commercials… 

Happy Birthday Mr. Uecker!!!

“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #6

 “31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #6

Ozzie Smith – 1979 Topps – #116

It’s not often that a player with 19 seasons of big league service would have his defensive skills admired more than his offensive ones.  But, Ozzie Smith is not the common baseball player.

‘The Wizard of Oz’ is considered by most baseball fans as being the greatest defensive player in baseball’s history.  With an unlimited amount of range, body control, and arm strength Ozzie made playing defense cool.  When all the rage was about getting your turn at bat, kids all of a sudden practiced their defense with dreams of making plays the way Ozzie made them.  Smith won the Gold Glove 13 consecutive seasons as the leagues best shortstop.  His reputation was so powerful that batters playing against his team would often change their approach at the plate as anything hit his way was sure to be an out.  Now that is respect!!

Offensively Smith was a singles hitter with a knack for getting on base and generating runs.  With 2,460 career hits, 1,961 of them were singles.  But when on base, Smith made the most of his opportunities.  Ozzie has 580 stolen bases and has scored 1,257 runs. 

Smith’s brilliance on defense and his keen base running skills earned him 6 Top 22 finishes for the MVP award.

Smith played in 3 World Series match-ups with the Cardinals and won his lone title in 1982.  Ozzie Smith was voted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 2002.