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11 More Autograph TTM Requests Going Out…

I plead Guilty.  I am hooked.  And my mailman is not going to be too pleased with the extra weight he’s got to carry around…

11 more autograph requests have been mailed.  I have been on a nice little hit streak lately so I didn’t want to let up.  I have a shrinking stack of cards that I want to send out for autographs, but my stack of signed cards is multiplying in quantity.  I don’t consider this to be too bad of a trade-off…

The Guys: Don Zimmer, Steve Sax, Frank Viola, Mark Gubicza, John Olerud, Dave Henderson, Tim Raines, Cecil Cooper, Tim Brunansky, Lou Whitaker, and Lance Parrish.

Wish me luck!!!



Ron Cey Autograph Through The Mail Success!!!

What a cool looking signature.  Ron Cey delivered these beauties to me in just 11 days…

And while most of the baseball world will remember Cey as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1971-82, I choose to remember him first as a Cub!!  But, you certainly cannot deny what Cey did in a Dodgers uniform…  6 All-star appearances in a row solidified Cey as a dominant 3rd baseman.  Oh yeah, he also won the World Series MVP for the Dodgers in 1981 too..

As a member of the Cubs from 1983-1986, Cey continued on his tear as a great hitter and skilled defense-man and it is thrilling to add this Dodgers and Cubs legend to my growing autograph collection!!


Busting One More Pack Of 1990 Fleer – Pack #3

 I received 4 packs of 1990 Fleer in the contest I won on the Autographed Cards blog.

Here are the results from Pack #3

Von Hayes, Ron Hassey, Fred McGriff, Devon White, Glenn Wilson, Dave Winfield, Sandy Alomar Jr, Danny Tartabull, Andres Galaraga, Scott Coolbaugh, Rick Dempsey, Scott Hemond/Mark Gardner, Tony Gwynn, Lou Whitaker, and Steve Wilson.

Doubles, Doubles, Doubles.  At least some of the doubles I got are of players I like, but this was a pack that contained only 3 new cards for me.  At least one of the ;newbies’ was a Tony Gwynn card!!!



“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #5

“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #5

Robin Yount – 1975 Topps – #223

Robin Yount ranks as #5 on my list of the Top 31 rookies from the 1970’s.  Had Yount played for a team that got more media attention, he could be even higher on the list.

Everything Robin Yount did, he did exceptionally well.  A hitter for power, a hitter for average, a base runner, you name it and he did it very well.  Yount was an offensive machine for 20 years as a member of the Milwaukee Brewers.  In 20 big league seasons, Yount finished his career with 3,142 hits.  With those hits came 251 home runs and 271 stolen bases.  And if you add to that his 1,406 RBI and 1,632 runs scored you’ve got a potent mixture that creates the perfect offensive threat.

A 2-time MVP winner with 5 more Top 18 finises, Yount was widely accepted as one of baseball’s best players for 2 decades.  Yount is a 3-time All-star and a Gold Glove winner as well.  Yount reached the World Series in 1982 and lost to the Cardinals in 7 games.  In that series, Yount hit an amazing .414 as he collected 12 hits with 6 RBI.

Robin Yount was elected into the Hall of Fame in 1999.