1984 Topps All-Star Dave Winfield

1984 Topps All-Star Dave Winfield

Just 3 cards left and my Dave Winfield player collection is complete.  To see the status of all of my current player collections, click here.

I like this 1984 All-star card.  In the 80’s Topps did a pretty poor job of highlighting the All-star cards and although this card does not scream ‘THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN BASEBALL’, it is a lot better than some of their other issues during the decade – especially the 1985 version.


2 responses to “1984 Topps All-Star Dave Winfield

  1. Try getting his autograph;)

  2. This is one of my absolute favorite cards, mainly because it was one of the first cards I ever bought when I was just starting my own (much less focused) Dave Winfield collection. At a yard sale, I picked up this card, a 1984 Topps Super and a 1984 Donruss of Big Dave. Someday, I should go ahead and scan them all.

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