“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #3

“31 in 31” – The 1970’s – Card #3

George Brett – 1975 Topps – #228

George Brett played a phenomenal 21 seasons with the Kansas City Royals.  Most players fade in such a small market, but Brett thrived and the baseball world took notice of this incredibly talented and entertaining player.

Brett’s offensive game was terrific.  A contact hitter with power, Brett was a force at the plate and was a threat to the opposition each time he batted.  With a career average of .305 and with 11 seasons to his credit of batting .300 or better, Brett was a master.  Add to that his 317 career home runs and 665 doubles and you have a near-perfect example of a combined power/finesse hitter.  Brett tallied 3,154 hits over the course of his career, which was good for 150 hits per season.

In 21 years, George Brett finished in the Top 20 for the MVP award 10 times.  In 1980 he won the award and had one of the greatest offensive seasons of the decade.  While batting a remarkable .390, Brett also crushed 24 home runs while driving in 118 runs.  In addition to that, Brett was an All-star that year and earned a Silver Slugger award as well(his 1st of 3).  Brett’s offensive game was so well-rounded that it earned him 13 All-star game appearances.

George Brett played in 2 World Series championships.  Brett’s Royals team lost in 1980 to the Phillies, but won the championship in 1985 versus the Cardinals.  Brett shined in all of his post season appearances.  In 43 games, Brett collected 56 hits giving him a .337 batting average.  To top it off, he also smacked 10 home runs and drove in 23 runs.  Brett won the ALCS MVP in 1985 when he hit .500 over the course of a 7-game series against the Toronto Blue Jays. 


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  1. Oh, I thought for sure this would be No. 1. Oh well.

  2. I wonder if he’s crapped in his pants lately?
    That was the funniest video ever!

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