Florida Marlins Caravan Tour – Day 1

Like most major league teams, the Marlins are hitting the road this week as they drum up some publicity for the 2009 season.  This 5-day tour is a tri-county jaunt with several stops in which the fans can meet the players as well as take part in the exciting events that the Marlins have scheduled.  The week culminates with the Florida Marlins Fan Fest which will be held on Saturday at Dolphin Stadium.

Today, I made the long trip to Homestead, Fl.  According to the schedule publihsed by the team, several players would be on hand at the Habitat for Humaity jobsite.  Although the schedule did not say that this event was open to the public, I still made plans to attend and was shocked to discover that I was the ONLY fan there!!!  Not only was I the only one there, but I got there early as I have read that these events can be mob scenes – but this was certainly not the case.

Shortly after arriving, the players started to show up.  And since I don’t have any current Marlins cards or pictures to get signed I brought a collectible helmet I picked up last season.

In all I scored 5 autographs, which was all of the players that attended.

The guys:  Anibal Sanchez, Cody Ross, Scott Proctor, Dan Meyer, and Zachary Kroenke.

The pics:




I will be attending another stop on the tour tomorrow so stay tuned for more updates and hopefully more autographs!!!

3 responses to “Florida Marlins Caravan Tour – Day 1

  1. Awesome helmet.

    Typical Marlins showing. What a horrible community to have a baseball team in.

  2. That’s awesome. It’s too bad that the Marlins don’t have thousands more fans like you and Mario…

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