Happy Birthday Roberto Alomar!!!

That’s right, Roberto Alomar turns 41 years old today.

With very little publicity, Roberto Alomar had an incredible 17-season career.  With a lifetime batting average of .300 alongside his 2,724 hits, Alomar was a great contact hitter and threat while on the basepaths.  Alomar has 474 stolen bases to his credit and has scored 1,508 runs over the course of his career.

It seems like ‘Robby’ is destinted for Cooperstown.  So here is what I give Alomar for his birthday – A new trophy case to display his : 12 consecutive all-star game appearances, 4 Silver Slugger awards, 10 Gold Gloves, and 2 World Series championship rings.  I think that this gift is fitting, and I will be sure to leave a little room for his Hall of Fame plaque too!!

Happy Birthday ‘Robby’!!!


3 responses to “Happy Birthday Roberto Alomar!!!

  1. Alomar retired during spring training 2005 with the Rays. I just wish that he had hung on long enough to play a few regular season games for them so that he could be the second player with Tampa Bay written on his Hall of Fame plaque. I’ll have to hope that Fred McGriff gets that honor instead.

  2. After spitting in the face of an Umpire – I hope the voters make him wait.

  3. I agree with the McGiff comment.

    Alomar was a great second baseman & a good hitter but there is something about him that I don’t like…. Spitting in an umps face didn’t help his future causes, that’s for sure!

    Long live Fred McGriff!!!

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