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Press Conference – 6 Month Anniversary of ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

In honor of the 6 month anniversary of this blog, I held a press conference early this morning.  This press conference was attended by some of baseball’s elite media members.

Below is the transcript:

Gammons : How much work did it take to get to this point?  You’ve got to be worn out!

30-Year Old Cardboard :  As many of you know, writing for a blog and keeping the content fresh is quite a bit of work.  I enjoy adding new content to the site all of the time and luckily I have stumbled on a handful of topics that have made this journey fun for me and the readers of my blog.  Some ideas have bombed and some have taken off.  Either way, I wouldn’t have changed either – you take the good with the bad and go from there.

Kurkjian : With over 550 posts, 25,000 visitors to the site, and 1,000 comments left by your readers, what can you tell us that we can expect to see from you in the future? 

30-YOC :  Jeez, I have so much more that I want to share.  I’ll be doing a ‘rookie card recap’ of players that debuted in the 1980’s really soon.  As you know, I have caught the autograph bug and intend to dig deeper into this field too.  I’m still a player collector as well and you should see the completion of a few of my player collections over the next few months which is very exciting news.  And don’t forget that the 2009 season is right around the corner which always makes for exciting writing.  And I’ll certainly continue with my birthday and anniversary posts.  And don’t forget about my ‘What Ever Happened to’ posts either.  I’ve got an enormous list of guys that played during the 80’s that I want to learn a little more about and then share with you all.

I guess that I can say, you can expect a lot from this blog in the near future!!

Henson : How did you develop ’30-Year Old Cardboard’?  What motivated you to start this blog?

30-YOC :  Great question.  Let me take you back to the beginning.  The first blog I ever found was Wax Heaven.  At the time, Mario and I were both posting comments on Cameron Maybin’s Myspace page.  I didn’t know who Mario was at that time, but his picture was Marlins related(Mike Jacobs, I believe) so I clicked his profile and found the blog and soon I was addicted to checking his blog.  That quickly escalated to me leaving comments on his site a few times a week as well as checking out other blogs he recommended.  Pretty soon after, I found myself addicted to Cardboard Junkie, Bad Wax, White Sox Cards, and many more.

As much as I enjoyed Wax Heaven, it was ultimately a conversation through the comments section on one of Mario’s posts with Dave from Fielder’s Choice Baseball Card Blog that made me want to start my own blog.  Dave and I went back and forth a few times as to why Don Mattingly was included in a card set featuring legendary players.  My stance was that there were so many more people that could have been part of the set that deserved the title of ‘legendary’ while Dave argued that card companies know how to sell product and Mattingly would certainly help their cause.  The funny thing is that both of us like Mattingly, admittedly with Dave liking him more than I do, but Dave really educated me on today’s hobby very quickly with those comments.  And he was right.

And I’ll never forget when I saw a small 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch image of Andre Dawson in the comments section one day on Wax Heaven.  With Dawson being my favorite player from my generation, I immediately clicked the link and was captivated by Hawk To The Hall.  Soon after introducing myself to Charlie I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of.

I had gone back and forth for a few months debating if I wanted to get back into the hobby of collecting baseball cards.  I am extremely happy with my decision and owe part of that decision to the blogs – Wax Heaven, Fielder’s Choice, and Hawk To The Hall.  

Reynolds : Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

3o-YOC :  Not really.  I like the physical look of the page.  I enjoy the WordPress product.  If anything, I would try to learn more about creating my own images.  I can handle a scanner and save pictures from the web to my PC, but I have so many ‘creative image’ ideas in my head that I am just not able to produce.

Gomez : Is it true that you take performance enhancing drugs and that Brian McNamee used to live in your basement?

30-YOC :  (with finger pointed at Gomez) I have never, never taken steroids!!  Next question.

Nichols : Brian, are you busy later?

30-YOC :  Rachel, please.  We have been over this time and time again.  I am a married man.  You’re going to have to get over this.  And by the way, your hair looks GREAT today!!!

Rosenthal : Many blogs fizzle out over time, mainly due to lack of topics to share.  How are you going to prevent this from occurring?

30-YOC :  I think it’s very simple.  I enjoy the formula I have put together for my content and I am able to keep it updated often enough to make it exciting.  Between adding cards to my player collections, finding odd and funny baseball videos on-line, sending out and receiving TTM requests, and doing my ‘What Ever Happened To’ posts I think I have found a formula that works for me and my readers.  I will certainly try to branch out to other areas, while not compromising my collecting goals, and hope for the best.  We’re roughly 60 days away from Opening Day and that will certainly lead to more modern-day baseball related posts as I follow the Florida Marlins and my favorite players throughout the league.

I have met some incredible and very generous people in the last 6 months and that has helped me feel like a wanted part of this community.  The veterans are a great group of people and many have anwered questions for me and provided guidance that has helped this blog evolve.  And I have to say that as long as new blogs are created with fresh themes and great writing I’ll be sticking around.  As long as sites like Sports Locker and Rickey Henderson Collectibles and Night Owl Cards and Wait ‘Til Next Year and Phungo and Thoughts On Sox and A Cardboard Problem and Autographed Cards and Project 1962 are around then I will be too.

Thank you all for your INCREDIBLE SUPPORT!!!!  I hope that we all enjoy the next 6 months as much as I have enjoyed the last 6 months.