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Mystery Box #1’s Contents Can Now Be Revealed…

Mystery Box #1 has been safely returned to me and I could not be more happy with the contents inside. 

 Check it out!!!


This is a Official game ball signed by Jim Abbott with an inscription that reads – ‘9/4/93 No Hitter!’ 

Abbott is known as an excellent motivational speaker and when I read that he had a speaking engagement coming up in Iowa I took action and was able to speak with someone who works for the organization that he was speaking to and now I have this incredible souvenir.  It took a little work to get this done, but the outcome is amazing and this ball is now a feature part of my collection!!!

For me, this is a precious piece of baseball memorabilia.  I have always admired Jim Abbott’s dedication to the game and to his personal goals.  How can you not stand up and cheer for a man that has overcome so much in his life and still managed to place himself on the playing field with competitors that were the best in the world??

There are several inspirational people in sports and these guys are very easy to like and to root for.  Magic Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Alonzo Mourning, and the list goes on and on. 

But with Abbott it is different.  He was born with a disability.  He did not acquire his condition years after being successful.  He did not get this way after already making millions of dollars and having an established life.  Jim Abbott was born with only 1 hand, yet he managed to get past any and all struggles he met in his childhood and adult life and he became an Olympian, a College Baseball stand-out, a major league baseball player, and a pitcher to have accomplished the rare feat of throwing a no-hitter!!  This is why I am amazed and in awe of Jim Abbott.  This is why I wanted to add this baseball to my collection.  For this item, it is personal and I will cherish it for quite some time.

Thank you Mr. Abbott!!!

Enough Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fine.  Most of us expected this.  But, the New York Post has gone too far.

How did someone get approval to make this headline and have it get distributed???  There are way too many kids seeing this and it’s not right.  Call him anything you want in private, use all of the clever steroid related nicknames you can find, but The New York Post should be reprimanded and someone should lose their job for publishing this.


I am all for freedom of speech but where is the line drawn??  Why does this newspaper not have a parental advisory sticker on it?  Album covers, classic literature, and film get censored constantly.  Who gave the New York Post a free pass???

Think I’m overreacting?  Have a child call you an ‘A-Hole’ and then tell you that he saw it on the cover of ‘The Post’….    It’s no different than him/her dropping an ‘F-Bomb’ and saying that he heard it on his IPod.

Cards From Phungo!!

I got these extremely ‘Phun’ cards from Paul at Phungo last week.  He has a knack for creating his own custom cards and the pack he sent me appears to have been loaded by the supplier as many of them are of players that are near and dear to my heart!!!

Check out the stuff: 


I mean where else am I going to pull a card of one of my Favorite Florida Marlins pitchers – Anibal Sanchez???  Anibal is on his way back from rehabilitation and I hope that he has a breakout year for the Marlins’ pitching staff this season.  He would be a great #2,#3, or #4 starter for ‘The Fish’ this season.

And the Cubs I got in this pack are sending me back to a day when the Cubs were packed with superstars:  A dual combo card of Gary Matthews, Sr. and Gary Maddox.  A sweet card or Mr, Cub, Ernie Banks, as he coaches from the 3rd base side.  Former Cub and current Phillie Jamie Moyer in his wind-up.  Greg Maddux in action as he attempts to overpower Ryan Howard.  And lastly, Alfonso Soriano is what must be a home run shot.


The above 2 inserts accompanied my custom cards.  You can never go wrong with Ron Santo(hopefully the HOF understands that some day)!!!!  And a pretty sweet looking card of Carlos Zambrano.  This is my first card of ‘Z’ and I am happy to add it to my collection.

Great Custom Cards!!!  Thanks Paul!!  That was a lot of ‘Phun’!!!

Happy Birthday Lenny Dykstra!!!

Yes, the man known as ‘Nails’ is turning 45 years old today!!

As one of the grittiest players to play the game in the 1980’s and 90’s, you couldn’t help but enjoy watching Dykstra suit up each and every day.  With an unparalleled style, ‘Nails’ was the supreme competitor and often put his body on the line solely in the effort to help his team win. 

In 12 seasons in the big leagues, Dykstra had a career batting average of .285 while scoring 802 runs and stealing 285 bases.  His efforts assisted the New York Mets in winning the World Series in 1986.

For Lenny’s birthday, I am going to give him something a player of his nature needs.  A lifetime supply of Tide laundry detergent.  There were very few games in which Dykstra’s uniforms were not completely destroyed from sliding all over the field.  Hopefully this gift will save a few of them…

Happy Birthday Nails!!!!