Happy Birthday Lenny Dykstra!!!

Yes, the man known as ‘Nails’ is turning 45 years old today!!

As one of the grittiest players to play the game in the 1980’s and 90’s, you couldn’t help but enjoy watching Dykstra suit up each and every day.  With an unparalleled style, ‘Nails’ was the supreme competitor and often put his body on the line solely in the effort to help his team win. 

In 12 seasons in the big leagues, Dykstra had a career batting average of .285 while scoring 802 runs and stealing 285 bases.  His efforts assisted the New York Mets in winning the World Series in 1986.

For Lenny’s birthday, I am going to give him something a player of his nature needs.  A lifetime supply of Tide laundry detergent.  There were very few games in which Dykstra’s uniforms were not completely destroyed from sliding all over the field.  Hopefully this gift will save a few of them…

Happy Birthday Nails!!!!


One response to “Happy Birthday Lenny Dykstra!!!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday to you Lenny..By the way, you’re 46, but your creaky face and bloated belly makes you look like your 90. Your haircut makes you look like a retard double from Dumb & Dumber…Man, you really look like shit!…Like this economy, 2009 will get worse for you & me before it gets better! Get used to wearing an ankle monitor Lenny. I think you’ll be sporting one real soon!

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