Mystery Box #1’s Contents Can Now Be Revealed…

Mystery Box #1 has been safely returned to me and I could not be more happy with the contents inside. 

 Check it out!!!


This is a Official game ball signed by Jim Abbott with an inscription that reads – ‘9/4/93 No Hitter!’ 

Abbott is known as an excellent motivational speaker and when I read that he had a speaking engagement coming up in Iowa I took action and was able to speak with someone who works for the organization that he was speaking to and now I have this incredible souvenir.  It took a little work to get this done, but the outcome is amazing and this ball is now a feature part of my collection!!!

For me, this is a precious piece of baseball memorabilia.  I have always admired Jim Abbott’s dedication to the game and to his personal goals.  How can you not stand up and cheer for a man that has overcome so much in his life and still managed to place himself on the playing field with competitors that were the best in the world??

There are several inspirational people in sports and these guys are very easy to like and to root for.  Magic Johnson, Lance Armstrong, Alonzo Mourning, and the list goes on and on. 

But with Abbott it is different.  He was born with a disability.  He did not acquire his condition years after being successful.  He did not get this way after already making millions of dollars and having an established life.  Jim Abbott was born with only 1 hand, yet he managed to get past any and all struggles he met in his childhood and adult life and he became an Olympian, a College Baseball stand-out, a major league baseball player, and a pitcher to have accomplished the rare feat of throwing a no-hitter!!  This is why I am amazed and in awe of Jim Abbott.  This is why I wanted to add this baseball to my collection.  For this item, it is personal and I will cherish it for quite some time.

Thank you Mr. Abbott!!!

3 responses to “Mystery Box #1’s Contents Can Now Be Revealed…

  1. Great autograph of Jim… how did you go about getting him to sign the baseball for you?

  2. So you contacted the organization and they got the ball signed for you? wow.

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