Ken Griffey Jr. Going Back To Seattle???

It appears so.  Or that’s what the writers of ‘The Seattle Times’ believe.

I enjoy stories like this.  Griffey has stated publicly that if he had a choice as to what cap is on his plaque at Cooperstown it would be the Mariner’s.  It’s nice to hear that he has fond memories of his 10 seasons with the team.

Even if the contract is just for 1 year, as reported, it will certainly boost interest in Mariners baseball again and will only increase their ticket and merchandise sales for the 2009 season.  Not a bad move by Griffey or the Mariners…

Ah, the good old days….


2 responses to “Ken Griffey Jr. Going Back To Seattle???

  1. How many “homes” does Griff have? First he held demanded a trade out of Seattle so he could go “home” to Cincinnati. The Ms had very little negotiating leverage in the deal, because Griff went public with his Reds trade demand. Now he wants to go “home” this time to Seattle?

    I used to be a Griff fan, but I lost a lot of respect when he did that to Seattle the first time and then claiming his “home” media was always against him in Cincy.

  2. Griffey is the MAN! I will remain a fan of his no matter who’s uniform he wears….

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