What Ever Happened To Todd Benzinger???

Like many rookies that the Boston Red Sox added to their roster in the late 80’s, Todd Benzinger had a large weight placed on his shoulders early in his career.  At the time, the Red Sox were stacked with offensive talent but were unable to reach successful results in the wins column.  Benzinger was brought in to take over at first base and once inserted into the starting line-up he was a mainstay for the remainder of his rookie year.  During that first season, Todd batted a respectable .278 while hitting 8 home runs and collecting 43 RBI.

Unfortunately because the Red Sox had not found the recipe for winning that they craved and Benzinger was traded after just 1 1/2 seasons with the team.  This turned out to be a nice change for Todd as he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds(a team he called his ‘home team’ as a child) and he became their full-time first baseman.  In 1990, Todd’s second year with the team, the Reds won the World Series in 4 games as they shocked the baseball world by defeating the powerful Oakland A’s.

Soon after, Benzinger became a player used as a tool to create equal trades due to his salary.  From Cincinnati he went to the Royals and then to the Dodgers and then he signed with the Giants and finally he signed with the Yankees.  In 3 short years, Benzinger played for 4 different teams and was unable to establish himself as an every day player.  Todd Benzinger retired from baseball in 1995 after being cut from the Yankees AAA minor league team.

Today, Todd Benzinger is the manager of the Dayton Dragons, an affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.  He will make his managerial debut when the 2009 season kicks off.  Todd has been quoted as saying : “I’ve been a Reds fan all my life. I want to make sure all the (players) know this is a winning culture, a winning organization.”


9 responses to “What Ever Happened To Todd Benzinger???

  1. He was terrible!

  2. He was not terrible.. He was and still is a hard worker and was very succesful in his baseball career. And he is a good coach. He was my basketball coach and I’m looking forward to watching him manage the Dragons.

  3. Brian Benzinger (brother)

    Todd actually left the AAA Columbus team because he was not called up to the big club by a certain promised date…you may recall that they signed Strawberry instead.

  4. He is a pervert and a pedifile. He coaches girls basketball and knows nothing about the game. He hits on his players. He should go to something he knows such as baseball or softball.

  5. I’ll always remember Benzinger for catching the final out in the 1990 World Series.

  6. I played against Todd as a little leaguer with the Amelia Reds and in High School with the Amelia Barons. I also competed with Todd on the county all-star teams and he was always the best player on those teams….it was cool to see him come back to Cincinnati and win a World Series with the Reds.

  7. I went to school with Todd and he was awesome and by the way uncle kenny this is your neice Diane Rutherford( Freeman) look me up love ya

  8. Outstanding ball player and even better man. Good luck in the future.

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