Daily Archives: February 16, 2009

Shooting For A Few More Andre Dawson Autographs

Having the chance to meet my favorite baseball player was an amazing experience for me.  Being able to talk to him in a social setting that was not rushed allowed our conversation to linger over several topics.  After I got my picture taken with ‘The Hawk’ I asked Andre if it would be OK if I sent it to him for his autograph.  He said that was fine so here I go.

This package will be shipped to Andre tomorrow.


Along with the photo, I am including a few more cards and a donation to his foundation.  He does a lot of great charity work in South Florida and I am happy to offer a donation to see that this work continues. 

I am on a new quest for 2009 and that is to build ‘The Ultimate Andre Dawson Collection’.  Of course this could mean several things to several people, but my collection has more of a personal meaning.  I don’t have deep pockets and cannot win everything I desire on Ebay so I have to be selective.  The cards I am sending are a starting point for me and if all goes well this will be the beginning of this special collection.

I’ll be sure to share the results with you as soon as they arrive back home to me safely. 

Wish me luck!!!

Sending An Autograph Request To Jeff Conine

When I moved back to Florida in 1994, I quickly jumped on board with the Florida Marlins.  You see, I moved from Florida to Chicago in 1989, but when I left Florida did not have a professional baseball team(or basketball or hockey either).

Having a ‘home’ team this time around in Florida has been great and I have been hooked on ‘The Fish’ ever since.  I’ve been able to enjoy some incedible baseball that has been capped off by 2 World Series Championships!!

Without a doubt, the most popular player and biggest star with the fans is Mr. Marlin himself, Jeff Conine.  I was thrilled to get the chance to meet Jeff Conine at the 2009 Marlins Fan Fest.  How sweet is it that we sat together in the dugout that he called home for 8 seasons?  I cannot begin to explain the feeling of sharing the bench with a player that has been in that same spot for hundreds of baseball games – it was electric!!!

I am going to send this picture to Mr. Conine with a request that he signs it for me and my son.  He was extremely friendly to us at the Fan Fest and I hope our luck continues with this.


Hoping For A Dan Uggla Autograph!!!

It’s not often that you get to meet an All-Star player in any sport.  These are the guys that everyone wants to see and talk to.  You could imagine how excited I was when I was able to meet and get my picture taken with Dan Uggla at the Florida Marlins Fan Fest.

Uggla was extremely kind and even offered to hold my son so all 3 of us could be photographed together.  He took time with each person he encountered offering his handshake for the guys and hugs for the girls.

I am going to send this picture to Dan Uggla and ask that he signs it for me and my son.  He’s already given us 1 memory we won’t soon forget so why not try for 2?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!