Daily Archives: February 19, 2009

Who Would You Love To See Suit Up For Your Team Again???

With the announcement that Ken Griffey, Jr. has signed a contract to play baseball again for the Seattle Mariners, it made me wonder who I would like to see suit up again for my home team? 

In Griffey’s case, his greatest team and individual success came from his playing days with the Mariners so seeing him go back to Seattle is a nice, fitting end to his amazing career…

Who else though???

Tom Glavine did it by going back to Atlanta last year.  Would you want to see Frank Thomas in a White Sox uniform one more time?  How about Manny Ramirez wearing an Indians uni?  Pudge Rodriguez suited up for the Texas Rangers?  What about Alfonso Soriano wearing pinstripes again for the Yankees?

So let me know.  If you could select one current player to come back to the team he established his career with who would it be??

For me, it’s Josh Beckett.  I would love to see him wearing the Teal and Black of the Marlins again.  He has built a solid career for himself with a ton of post season experience and I think he would be an incredible veteran leader for one of the youngest and most talented starting rotations in the major leagues.


Who knows?  It could happen…

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ernie Banks

 If you’re going to have a set of cards called ‘Greats of the Game’ and feature the Chicago Cubs, then of course Ernie Banks is going to be present.  Like peanut butter and jelly, Ernie Banks and the Chicago Cubs go hand in hand.  And even with Banks’ retirement more than 30+ years in the past he is still without question the most popular and most highly decorated Cub of all-time.

Any questions as to why I had the desire to add this card to my collection???  I doubt it! 


New Feature – ‘The 40/40 Club’ – Starts Tomorrow!!!

You’ve read correctly.  I have a new feature hitting the site tomorrow…

Similar to my previous series ’31 in 31′ that honored the best rookies from the 1970’s, ‘The 40/40 Club’ will pay tribute to the top 40 rookies that debuted during the 1980’s.  The name has been taken from one of baseball’s greatest feats and represents the top 40 rookies that will be covered in 40 consecutive days.  Each day I will review a player that debuted during the 1980’s and I will rank them in regards to their importance in baseball and the hobby of baseball card collecting. 

This series will take us right up through the end of the month of March.

Player #40 debuts tomorrow morning as we count down to the most important players that debuted in the 1980’s…  Who will it be?  Stay tuned to find out.