Just 3 Andre Dawson Cards To Go….

3.  That’s all.  3 more cards is all I need to add to my Andre Dawson collection and then I have obtained my goal to get all of Andre’s major brand cards from his rookie season of 1977 through 1989.

In 6 months I have gathered up 46 of the 49 cards in this set and now I have my sights set on the final 3.  I have had a harder time tracking these 3 down than some of the others.  I can go onto ebay at any time and buy all 3 of these cards from 3 different sellers and get this player collection completed for somewhere between $8-$10.  But that is not my goal.  I like to shop for these cards.  I like for readers of the blog to join me on my quest to find these cards.  My pockets are not particularly deep, and I have no intention of investing $10 in 3 cards that I may be able to find in a bargain bin over time.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t want this to end right now.  I’ve got too much emotion wrapped up in this dedication to Andre and I am not sure how it will feel once the set is complete.

So the quest continues.  Here are the final 3 cards I need to secure and then my Andre Dawson player collection will be complete!!!!

1987 Fleer Update

1987 Fleer Update

1988 Fleer All-Star

1988 Fleer All-Star

1989 Bowman

1989 Bowman

4 responses to “Just 3 Andre Dawson Cards To Go….

  1. If you want to finish it now (for much cheaper than $8-$10), you can get them on Sportlots for $0.18 each. I’ve purchased Rickey cards on Sportlots a few times, and never had any problems. I looked through the sellers, and “whoops24” seems to have all three of them. With $1.50 in shipping, you can complete the set for only $2.04! I also saw a few other cards you could add (such as a glossy version of the 1987 Fleer Update, also for $0.18), and I’m sure there are more. Hope this helps!

  2. I got you on that Bowman! I got some other stuff for you too. Let me know to make it official.

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