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Dan Uggla Is The Man!!!! HUGE TTM SUCCESS!!!

7 days.  That’s it…  just 7.  7 days is all it took for this All-star player to return back what is now my favorite piece in my growing baseball memorabilia collection.


This is so personal for me.  My son is at the age when he wants to do everything on his own.  Hell, he’d drive home from daycare himself if he could…

1 of our nightly rituals is to get the mail together.  I give him a boost, and he opens the door and reaches in.  Today, the above picture is what he found.  Usually he wants to look at pictures in a catalog but I guess the new envelope style stumped him as he was eager to see what was inside.  I cannot tell you how excited he was to see a picture of himself and his daddy inside.  In time, he will also know who Dan Uggla is too.

Thank you Mr. Dan Uggla.  Without knowing it, you created a very memorable moment for me and my son.

Sending An Autograph TTM Request To Greg Maddux!!!

This may be a long shot, but it’s certainly worth trying… don’tcha think??

I am a huge Greg Maddux fan, and I have tried several times to secure an autograph of his.  I missed him back at a Chicago Cubs convention in the late 1980’s, and then again when his Cubs traveled to Florida to play the Marlins during his second run with the Cubbies.  I just don’t want to buy one…

I have read very recently that Maddux is working with the pitching staff for the Padres at their Spring Training facility in Arizona.  So that’s where this letter is headed tomorrow morning. 

Whether this works or doesn’t work, I certainly think that the risk(times 100) is worth the reward!!!  Wish me luck!!!


Happy Birthday Mike Lowell!!!

Mike Lowell is turning 35 years old today.

Quite possibly my favorite Florida Marlin of all-time, Mike Lowell displayed the tools I enjoy seeing in a baseball player.  Dedication, leadership, desire to win, etc…  are all attributes that Lowell applies to his sport and the results are certainly deserved – I would have just loved to have seen them ALL be reached while wearing the Marlins uniform.

For his birthday, I would like to give Mike Lowell one more shot in the post-season and I don’t care which team takes him there.  He’s already got 2 rings from his 2003 title with the Marlins and another from his 2007 championship with Boston.  Just 1 more shot to see what he can do…  I think a 3rd ring would be a fitting birthday present!!!

Happy Birthday Mike!!


‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #36

‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #36

Mark Grace – 1988 Fleer

The term ‘contact hitter’ may be the best adjective used to describe Mark Grace’s hitting style.  A skilled batter, Grace ended his career with an outstanding .303 batting average.  In his 16-year career in the major leagues, Grace recorded 140+ hits in 13 of those seasons.  And while never being known as a power hitter or base running threat, Grace was still able to crush 173 home runs and steal 70 bases.  Where Mark Grace really shined was with his ability to put the ball into play and get on base.  Over the course of his career, Grace amassed 2,445 hits, of which 511 were doubles and 1,716 were singles. 

Grace’s defensive skills at first base aided his reputation as one the most we-rounded first baseman during the 1990’s.  Grace won 4 Gold Glove awards and ended his career with an amazing .995 fielding percentage. 

Mark Grace’s rise to fame came during his second season in the majors when his Chicago Cubs were in the playoffs playing against the San Francisco Giants.  Although the Cubs lost the series in 5 games, Grace was superb.  With a .647 batting average, he led the Cubs and kept them in the series.  In 17 a-bats, Grace had 11 hits, which included 3 doubles, a triple, a home run, and 8 RBI.  After this series, Grace received quite a bit of national attention due to his outstanding play.

Mark Grace’s greatest success came in the 2001 World Series when he won the championship as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  In the 6-game series, Grace hit just .263, but he did manage to collect 5 hits and 3 RBI which helped the D-Backs secure their World Series title.