My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #3 – Stadium Access Granted

Once I realized that I wasn’t going to get to watch the players on the roster practice, I decided to stroll around the campus a bit and check out the area.  At this time, the rookies and camp invitees had started their training regimen, and the guys on the roster were inside getting all of their photos done.

I actually struck up a pretty good conversation with a security guard as I told him I had never been there prior.  Within minutes he was informing me that no other gates were guarded since the crowed was so small.  He was guarding the gate where delivery and maintenance trucks accessed the main field, but he was the only one covering an entrance.  He told me that if I played my cards right and went by myself, I may be able to get inside and sneak a few pictures.

So that’s exactly what I did…  until I was asked to leave.  But  I still got some good shots… 


Here’s a picture of the Marlins logo at the main gate entrance.


 The outfielders and infielders were doing drills when I entered.  All of the outfielders were along the warning track,  The coach would yell “1 out, man on first” and then he would throw the ball into the outfield as the guys practiced hitting the cut-off man.  It was pretty cool to see this kind of practice; I have never seen a drill like this before.


The last drill I was able to photograph was a pitcher’s drill where they would work on covering as the back up to home plate as the cut-off men were firing home to throw out potential runners.

All in all, I was probably in the stadium for 7-8 minues.  But in that time, it was a very nice reminder that this is still a kid’s game and that everyone does what the coach says!

One response to “My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #3 – Stadium Access Granted

  1. Im surprised you didnt push the security guard down and run out onto the field.

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