My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #4 – Tony Perez

Of all of the guys I saw come and go throughout the day, there were 2 that I didn’t see at all – Jeff Conine & Tony Perez.  Both of these men work as ‘special assistants’ for the team, but I had heard that they were at camp almost every day.

Finally I saw Tony arrive, but it was well into the afternoon.  He did not park in the player’s lot.  He went straight into the loading area avoiding everyone and everything.  The only other player that I saw park in that area was Hanley Ramirez(the superstar). 

Around 2pm, we could see Hanley in his street clothes talking to a few of the guys as he was preparing to leave.  All of a sudden, the entire group of 15 or so people that were there to meet the players took off for the gate he had to exit from.

Except me.  I stood back and watched knowing that it would be close to impossible to get close to Hanley.  Lucky for me, I turned around at the right moment and acted quickly as this Hall of Famer tried to escape without me noticing.  Lucky for me it was just him and I…  I have heard that he can be kind of rude but he was pretty gracious to me…


One response to “My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #4 – Tony Perez

  1. A true old school players autograph was well worth the wait. Good job!

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