My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #5 – Meeting Andre Dawson Again!!

I got to the field at 7:40 in the morning.  After finding a good parking spot, I headed for the main gate which passes by the main entrance and player parking lot.  There sitting in the first spot was a gorgeous, White Range Rover with incredible rims and chrome accents.  As soon as I saw the license plate, I knew that Andre Dawson was on the premises!!!

I saw Andre go back and forth through the clubhouse doors to the main field a few times.  And when I got into the stadium for those brief minutes, I quickly spotted him standing along the third base line chatting with a few of the guys.

Around 11:00, I was talking to my new buddy on the security staff when Andre and another coach left the field and headed for the clubhouse.  I called out his name and he waved.  I took that as him saying hello to me and was cool with that.  I have to say that it was awesome to see him in a uniform again.  Flashbacks to his days with the Expos and Cubs raced through my head.

As it got closer to Noon, the players all started heading into the clubhouse, probably for lunch.  At this time, almost all of the other fans had bailed on the Marlins and went to try to see Albert Pujols and the Cardinals…

Again, I was chatting with the security guard when out walks Andre Dawson by himself in his street clothes.  I waited for him and then quickly introduced myself to him and asked if he remembered me from the Homestead stop on the Marlins caravan tour from a few weeks ago.  We chatted a bit as he walked to his car and even told the security guard that it was ok that I followed him into the ‘Players Only’ parking lot.

I asked for his autograph, and he signed 2 beautiful cards for me.  I also told him that I mailed a special package to his foundation of the picture of he and I and asked if he would sign it for me.  He stated ‘No Problem’.

And then I hit him with the question – ‘Would he consider doing an interview for my blog?’  We spoke about my blog a few weeks ago when we met for the first time.  And I reminded him of it again.  I told him that in the package I sent was a piece of paper that would introduce him to ’30-Year Old Cardboard’ and that I would love to sit down with him sometime to talk baseball.  He said he would review it and respond back to me.  He’s got my cell phone number and email address so hopefully he reaches out to me.  I have my fingers crossed on this, and the list of great questions I have for Andre are overflowing my brain right now.  I really hope this works out!!! 


3 responses to “My Florida Marlins Spring Training Report – Part #5 – Meeting Andre Dawson Again!!

  1. Once again, you find new ways to make me jealous!

  2. That’s it, I’m moving to Florida!

  3. Thanks for sharing that with us! What an awesome guy! Also, there is not a better looking signature in baseball!


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