Working On The Chicago Cugs Greats Of The Game Team Set

 Can anyone help me with this?  I have these 5 cards now but I want to get all of the Cubbies from this set.  I have seen Ryno and Grace before and I have to imagine that there is a Billy Williams available too but I have never seen it.

If anyone can get me the complete checklist for this set of Cubs cards I would be greatly appreciative!!

On to the cards…  Doesn’t this set of cards look like it was designed specifically for the Chicago Cubs?  I cannot think of another team whose colors would look as nice as the Cubs’ with this design.  And of course, any subset featuring the greatest Chicago Cubs baseball players of all-time is going to find a special place in my heart and my collection.

 Here is where I am at so far with this set.  5 down, how many more to go???  I just don’t know for sure. At least 2-3 minimum…

Man I wish that Fergie card was in color like the rest of these…


4 responses to “Working On The Chicago Cugs Greats Of The Game Team Set

  1. Are you fucking kidding me? You wrote Chicago Cugs in the title again?

  2. The ones you don’t have are: Billy Williams, Bruce Sutter, Mark Grace, Ron Santo, and Ryne Sandberg.

    There is also a game used, auto, and game used/auto for each player.

    By the way, these were designed for the Cubs. There are different sets called: Cubs Greats, Cardinals, Dodgers, Tigers, Reds, Red Sox.

    They are all color co-ordinated to fit the team pictured.

    I have the Dawson auto/30 🙂

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