How Do My Balls Look To You???

Jeez, did that headline catch your attention??? 

Along with the great autographed cards I have been adding to my collection, I am also stocking up on some great-looking signed baseballs…

I thought I would showcase these for you now.  Of the 7 signed balls, 2 of them were mine prior to starting this blog.  The remaining 5 have been picked up over the course of the last 3 months.

Here they are:


And now a quick summary about these baseballs – From Top to Bottom, Left to Right:  TOP ROW – Andre Dawson with ’87 NL MVP inscription.  SECOND ROW – Tony Perez, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins with HOF ’91 inscription.  BOTTOM ROW – Mark Grace, Jim Abbott with No Hitter inscription, Cameron Maybin.

Not too bad for just a few short months of collecting, huh??

7 responses to “How Do My Balls Look To You???

  1. Your balls look awesome, Brian.

  2. I am not sure if I am comfortable sayin this, but nice balls.

    do you mind me seriously asking…..what kind of balls do you prefer. by that I mean do you get official Major League Baseballs or do you get some generic balls at target or a sports store. And what do they go for?

    • Hey Paul-
      My preference is to get the authentic game balls. They’re leather, not synthetic. The cheaper, synthetic versions look great in the begining but I have seen pictures showing the signatures fade over time. For the $15 investment of an authentic game ball, you’re guaranteed to have a nice, long-lasting piece of memorabilia. And the game balls are now sold in the display cases you see in my picture which save you an additional $2-$4 for a display case.

      Oh, and make sure you use the proper pen too. Just a plain ball-point pen does the trick. Nothing fancy required…

  3. nice lookin’ balls there! LMAO

  4. Are any of your balls for sale?

  5. Autograph baseballs are the way to go! Those look awesome. Nice collection.

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