How Many Synonyms Are There For “Home Run”???

As I read through several blogs a day I find it more and more amazing as to how many nicknames the term ‘home run’ has.  I thought it would be cool to compile a master list to see how many we can come up with. 

Please submit your nicknames for home run into the comment field of this post and I will continue to add them to the body portion as the day goes on.  My guess is that we get close to 100.

Let the games begin!!!

A –

B – bomb, big fly, bleacher burner, back to back, blast, bullseye

C – circuit clout, country mile, clearing the bases,

D – dinger, distance, dialing long distance, dialed 8, downtown,  ding dong

E –

F – four bagger, full diamond, fireworks, funk blast,

G – going yard, goner, golf shot, gopher ball, grand slam

H – homer,

I – inside the parker,

J – jonron, jack,

K – knocks,

L – longball, long gone,

M – moon shot,

N – natural cycle,

O – out of the parker, outta here, over the wall,

P – puts one over, pounces one out

Q – quadruple,

R – round tripper, roof shot, Ruthian,

S – salami, shot, slam,

T – tater, tape measure shot, touches them all

U –

V –

W – walk off,

X –

Y –

Z –


24 responses to “How Many Synonyms Are There For “Home Run”???

  1. Let’s see…circuit clout, round-tripper, tater, four-bagger, jonron (Spanish for home run), dinger…I’ll stop there for now.

  2. B- Bomb/Big Fly
    O- Out-of-the-parkers
    G- Going Yard
    K- Knocks
    L- Longball

  3. goner, distance, salami, homer, country mile, bleacher burner, outta here, full diamond, inside the parker, moon shot, roof shot, fireworks, back to back, jack

  4. dialing long distance, golf shot (golfed one), long gone, gopher ball

  5. 1 hour in – 29 synonyms added. We can get more!!!

  6. over the wall, shot, tape measure shot, walk off, natural cycle, blast, quadruple, slam, dialed 8, funk blast, clearing the bases, downtown, Ruthian

  7. Many of these don’t mean home run….I think you need to be a little more stringent.

  8. Yah I don’t think “natural cycle” is a synonym for home run.

  9. T- Touches them all.

  10. D- Ding Dong
    B- Bulls Eye
    G- Grand Slam

  11. P- Puts one over
    P- Pounces one out

  12. I’ve hear “natural cycle” once during a broadcast, when a player hit a single, then a double, then a triple and finished with a home run.

    Granted it’s not a normal call, but it has been used for that situation. If we’re nitpicking about it, then all the synonyms for grand slam would be thrown out.

  13. 1. oppo-taco (my new fave)
    2. an a-bomb from a-rod
    3. see-ya

  14. s-SlobberKnocker

  15. going yak
    going yamma

    two that I hear a lot with college players.

  16. yahtzee, ya-ya,

  17. Drew Harrilchak

    H- Hot bag of nasty, Goin Ham
    Y- Yaya, Yak,Yamming a baseball, goin yard
    M- Monster

  18. jimmy jack, jackerton, Dial 9, Quadrangular, Grande Quadrangular, Dropping A Dime, Airmail, Go-Homer, spud, Jones, One-Way

  19. B – Bizzle
    S – See-ya-Ball
    M – Moonshot
    P – P Rod

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  21. Adios pelota

  22. Y – yarded (adjective or past-tense verb)

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