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Tommy Herr Autograph TTM Success!!!

In just 10 days, Tommy Herr sent these 2 signed cards back to me.

Tom Herr was a solid baseball player, and a great addition to the St. Louis Cardinals teams of the mid-1980’s.  In his best statistical season in 1985, Herr hit .303 while collecting 180 hits and scoring 97 runs.  He also stole 31 bases that year and drove in 110 runs.  His efforts landed him in 5th place for the MVP award that season.  Not too shabby…

Thank you Mr. Herr for the great autographs!!! 


Anibal Sanchez Autograph TTM Success!!!

Anibal Sanchez is now the 2nd Florida Marlins player to sign through the mail for me – and in just 18 days!!!

I saw Anibal pitch last week at Spring Training.  I was hoping to get him to sign a few cards for me, and I got one done in the parking lot prior to the game.  But when I got inside, I never saw him prior to him warming up in the bullpen.  He may be one of those pitchers that remains inside on ‘game days’ to keep his focus.

Either way, the card looks great(even though he kept 1 of the 2 I sent) and I am happy to add it to my growing Marlins collection!  I am trying to find something cool to get signed commemorating his no-hitter from a few years ago – any ideas??

 Thanks Anibal!!!


1983 Donruss Jumbo Andre Dawson

1983 Donruss Jumbo Andre Dawson

I got this card as part of my purchase from Sportslots.com.  It’s one of those jumbo versions that the card companies introduced in the mid-80’s that never took off the way that they had hoped.  Personally, I like the card.  The design is cool and I have always enjoyed cards that feature more than 1 image.

Now my only problem is how am I going to to store this card?  If anyone has any tips about storage for these ‘jumbo’ cards please pass it along.  Thanks!!


‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #22

‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #22

Dwight Gooden – 1984 Fleer Update

Nobody made an immediate splash during the 1980’s in the sport of baseball like Dwight Gooden did during his rookie season.  Part of that surely was due to the fact that he was a highly recruited high school player.  And another major part of it was that he was drafted by the New York Mets and instantly had a large media spotlight cast on himself.

‘Doc’ made an immediate impact when he debuted with the Mets in 1984.  In 31 games that he started, ‘Doc’ went 18-7 while throwing 3 shutouts.  He lived up to another of his famous nicknames, ‘Dr. K’, as he struck out 276 batters in that season.  His impressive stats were enough to land him the Rookie of the Year award as well as 2nd place for the Cy Young award.  Gooden’s momentum continued through the next season where he went 24-4, with 268 more strikeouts as well as 8 shutouts.  This time, he won the Cy Young award in a unanimous vote.  Gooden was on his way to super-stardom!!

Gooden’s incredible rise to fame continued throughout his 11-year career as a Met.  In addition to his 1986 World Series championship, he earned a total of 5 top 7 finishes for the Cy Young award as well as 4 All-star selections.  Over the last 5 years of his 16-season career, Gooden played for 4 different teams.  Injuries caught up with him and he was unable to regain his once dominant form.

‘Doc’ did have 1 more moment in the sun in 1996 as a member of the New York Yankees.  He pitched a no-hitter on May 14 at Yankee Stadium in front of a sold out crowd.

Upon retirement, Gooden left the game with a career record of 194-112.  He has amassed 2,293 strikeouts and has a career ERA of 3.51. 


Dave Dravecky Autograph TTM Success!!!

Another guy that delivers beautiful looking signatures in short time.  Dave Dravecky returned these great cards back to me in 8 days!!

I remember going to a baseball game during a family vacation to Southern California in 1985.  We went to Jack Murphy Stadium and watched the Padres play.  Dave Dravecky was the starting pitcher in that game, and because of how his career ended I will always remember knowing that I saw him pitch during bright moments of his career.  I cannot explain the horror I felt when watching him a few years later on television as his personal and professional life took a shot that many of us would not be able to rebound from.

Sorry about my ramblings…  I’ve  always had a soft spot for players that provide inspiration to others, and Dravecky certainly fits into that group.  He is a great guy, and I an really proud to have a few of his autographs for my collection.

Thank you Mr. Dravecky!!!