Anibal Sanchez Autograph TTM Success!!!

Anibal Sanchez is now the 2nd Florida Marlins player to sign through the mail for me – and in just 18 days!!!

I saw Anibal pitch last week at Spring Training.  I was hoping to get him to sign a few cards for me, and I got one done in the parking lot prior to the game.  But when I got inside, I never saw him prior to him warming up in the bullpen.  He may be one of those pitchers that remains inside on ‘game days’ to keep his focus.

Either way, the card looks great(even though he kept 1 of the 2 I sent) and I am happy to add it to my growing Marlins collection!  I am trying to find something cool to get signed commemorating his no-hitter from a few years ago – any ideas??

 Thanks Anibal!!!


3 responses to “Anibal Sanchez Autograph TTM Success!!!

  1. I had him sign his 2006 Topps Update highlights card commemorating his no hitter through the mail last year, and that looks pretty nice. But so you know, I did at the time ask for some sort of no-hitter inscription, and he didn’t add anything. Still a great signature though

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