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Hilariuos Jimmy Rollins Commercial…

I admit it, I am not a ‘Phillies phan’.  But this one had me laughing for a few minutes!!!!

2 More Mystery Boxes Have Been Shipped!!!

I know that the picture only shows 1, but trust me 2 boxes went out today.  I forgot to take a picture before mailing them so I used this one from another post and it will have to sufice….

Let’s see which one gets back to me faster.  The contest may be a little unfair as 1 is staying in the state and the other is traveling pretty far from where it started.

Any guesses???  Don’t worry, I’ll reveal the contents as soon as they come back to me.  Hopefully this works out!!!  I know my fingers are crossed…


Mike Rabelo Autograph TTM Success!!!

Player #3 to return signed cards from the Florida Marlins to me is Mike Rabelo.

Mike’s got a strange looking signature.  I cannot figure out if he was holding the cards at a bad angle or if that is just the way that he signs.  I had him sign my helmet during a Spring Training game a few weeks ago and it looks a little bit better than these cards, but not too much better!

Either way, the Marlins mail continues to find it’s way back to my home and I am excited about what may be next…


Happy Birthday Will Clark!!!

Will Clark turns 45 years old today.

Noted as having one of the sweetest swings in the game during his playing days, Will Clark became an instant favorite to many baseball fans due to his incredible talent and personality.  On the field he was a perennial MVP candidate that flirted with .300 every year.  Off the field, he was a loud-mouthed, opinionated player who you couldn’t wait to her what he was going to say next.

So what do you get for someone like Will for his birthday?  He already has 2 great nicknames – ‘The Thrill’ & ‘The Natural’.  He’s got a Gold Glove award, a Silver Slugger award, several All-star game appearances, and even a trip to the World Series.  Hmmm… this one is tough.

Wait a minute, I know what to get him.  Let’s give Will his own reality TV show.  Yeah, yeah.  And let’s film it while he’s with the Giants during Spring Training.  I’m sure his instruction would be incredible as well as laughable!!!!

Happy Birthday Will!!


‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #19

‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #19

Roberto Alomar – 1988 Topps

Largely due to the fact that he played primarily for small market teams during his 17-year career, Roberto Alomar was not a household name during his playing days.  Had Alomar been given a chance to shine under a national spotlight, he would have become a loved ballplayer due to his well-rounded and versatile game.

A master defense-man, Roberto Alomar won 10 gold gloves over the course of his career.  At second base, there was no one you’d rather have in the field for you when the game was on the line.  With so much action to handle at second base, it’s amazing that Alomar had 8 seasons in which he committed 9 errors or less.

Offensively, Alomar excelled as a contact and power hitter which was rare for a second baseman for most of the 17 seasons he spent in the majors.  With a lifetime batting average of .300 alongside 2,724 hits, Alomar was able to get on base with ease.  And once on base, he was a base stealing threat as he swiped 474 total bases.  With 210 homers and 504 doubles to his credit, Alomar was able to display his power which made it hard for defenders playing against him.  For his career, Roberto Alomar scored 1,508 runs and collected 1,134 RBI.

Alomar finished in the Top 22 for the MVP award 7 times, 5 of which he placed at 6th or better.  He was a 4-time Silver Slugger winner, and he played in 12 consecutive All-star games.

Roberto Alomar competed in 2 World Series contests as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays during the 1992 and 1993 playoffs.  Both match-ups resulted in championship titles for Alomar and his amazing skills benefited the Jays in securing their victories.  In the 12 combined games he played in the World Series, Alomar had a .347 batting average with 8 runs scored, 7 stolen based, and 6 RBI.