30 Days Later – Update on Florida Marlins TTM requests.

You may recall that 1 month ago I wanted to test one of the more ‘fan-friendly’ teams via through the mail autograph requests.  So I sent 17 packages to my favorite team, the Florida Marlins, in hopes of obtaining some great autographs as well as getting a confirmation that my Marlins are indeed aware of their fans.

I broke this out into 2 parts : Part #1 is the 3 8×10 photos I sent out.  Part #2 is the 14 baseball card requests I sent to the team.

Part #1

I sent three 8×10 photos to players I was able to get pictures of myself with during the Marlins caravan and FanFest events from mid-February.  I sent letters and the photos to Andre Dawson, Jeff Conine, and Dan Uggla.  So far, 2 of the 3 have been returned to me and 1 is still out there somewhere…  The Dawson was returned to me in 23 days and featured a beautiful autograph that only Andre Dawson could provide.  You can see the Dawson picture here.  The Uggla picture was sent back to me in just 7 days and came out great.  I even had the opportunity to thank Mr. Uggla in person for the great gesture.  You can see the Uggla picture here.  What remains out in the mail is my picture of me, my son, and Jeff Conine.  I sent this to Dolphin Stadium because I really did not know if it was safe going to Spring Training even though Mr. Marlin has been in camp quite a bit.  I am still extremely hopeful that Conine signs this for me, it just may take a few more weeks since he probably has not been at Dolphin Stadium that much yet this year.  That will all change in roughly 21 days.

Part #2

14 envelopes became 13 very quickly when I realize that my letter to Matt Treanor went to the wrong team(Thanks Mario & Zach for pointing this out to me).  Lucky for me, the letter was returned to me via the USPS and I shot it over to the Tigers the very next day.  So of the 14 letters I have out to current and former Marlins players, 3 have been sent back to me so far.  You can see the Cody Ross, Anibal Sanchez, and Mike Rabelo scans by clicking on each player’s name.  3/14 is not great, but it is not terrible either.  I have seen on a few websites that John Baker and Gaby Sanchez have been signing so I am hopeful that these make it back to me soon.  The guys I am still waiting on are:  Fredi Gonzalez, Rick VandenHurk(should be back with the team in the next day or so), Alfredo Almezaga,(should have tons of time to sign now that he’s out 4-6 weeks), Ricky Nolasco, Jorge Cantu, Josh Johnson, John Baker, Dallas McPherson, Andrew Miller(very surprised that it’s taken him so long), and Gaby Sanchez.  I am hopeful that more make it back to me as Spring Training wraps up.  If not, I hope that the team transfers all of their mail to Dolphin Stadium.  I know that the ST schedule puts the guys on the road quite a bit, so maybe I have a better shot of getting these back once things settle down and they’re all back home for a few weeks at a time. 

Go Fish!!!!


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