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Dan Plesac Autograph TTM Success!!!

In 36 days Dan Plesac returned one of the nicest signatures in my collection thus far.  It’s really just too bad that he signed these cards in ballpoint pen.  They look incredible, I just wish that they stood out more prominently.

Still anytime you can add a 3-time All-star’s autograph to your collection you’re having a pretty good mail-day!!

Thanks Dan.


While Watching The WBC Last Night…

Question : What were you doing last night between 1-2AM???

Answer : I was up with my 7-month old son who was craving a bottle.  And in that time, I flipped from channel to channel trying to find something to entertain myself with.  I caught a few minutes of ‘Rock of Love’ and then a little bit of ‘Man Vs. Food’ and then I stumbled on the WBC contest between Japan and Cuba.

Normally I would not stop to watch a ball game like that in which I know less than 5% of it’s participants.  However when I turned it on they were interviewing Dave Winfield, a personal favorite of mine, about the state of baseball.  For those of you that have never seen a Winfield interview, you would be immediately impressed by his dedication and work ethic when it comes to talking about the direction baseball needs to go.  He has been very involved with getting the Negro League players and teams recognized for their efforts and has had a vocal role when it comes to educating young players about the dangers of taking illegal performance enhancing drugs.

After the interview with ‘Big Dave’, the guys in the booth(there were 3 – 2 of which were Steve Phillips and Orel Hershiser) began commenting about how big and strong Winfield was during his playing days…

Then Hershiser says, ‘When I was playing, there were only 2 guys that I feared when they got into the batter’s box: Dave Winfield and Andre Dawson’.  When I heard him start his sentence I almost finished it for him.  I actually got chills hearing him say it out loud after I had just said it in my head.  I have always admired Hershiser’s approach to the game and I found him to be one of the finest competitors I have ever seen on the pitching mound.  For someone of his stature to admit that he was intimidated by the presence of these 2 guys says a lot about the respect that he had for their amazing talents.

And my respect for Orel Hershier just went up a notch!!!


#31 – It’s About Time That They Did This….

Finally.  Finally.  Finally.

Yesterday the Chicago Cubs announced that they will be retiring #31 to honor the careers of Fergie Jenkins and Greg Maddux. 

In my opinion, this move is long overdue.  Jenkins and Maddux are 2 of my favorite pitchers of all-time and it will be nice to see them recognized together.  I was pretty shocked when the Cubs let Maddux wear #31 in 1987 when he debuted in Chicago, but he has certainly lived up to his potential and is possibly the best pitcher of the last 30 years.

While Maddux had a great career as a Cub, it would be easy to argue that his best years were in Atlanta with the Braves.  Jenkins on the other hand, had a magnificent career, and his best years were undoubtedly in a Cubs’ uniform.

Congratulations to 2 incredible pitchers and 2 quality people. 

I want to be at Wrigley so bad on May 3….


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‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #13

‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #13

Wade Boggs – 1983 Topps

One of the greatest contact hitters that the game of baseball has ever seen, Wade Boggs breaks into the ’40/40′ club at position #13.

With a lifetime batting average of .328, Boggs won 5 batting titles.  During his 18-year career, Boggs hit .300 or better 15 times and eclipsed the .330 mark 9 times.  Boggs ended his career with 3,010 hits – 2,253 of which were singles.  Boggs amassed 578 doubles and 118 home runs during his professional career, often using the ‘Green Monster’ to his advantage at his home ballpark.  Boggs also collected 1,014 RBI and scored 1,513 runs in the majors.

Always with a keen eye, Wade Boggs was an incredibly controlled hitter.  And for someone who averaged 500+ at-bats per season, Wade Boggs made the most out of each at-bat.  With just 745 career strikeouts to his credit, Boggs struck out on average just 41 times per season – just 1 time in every 12 at-bats.

Wade Boggs is a 12-time All-star.  He has won the Silver Slugger award 8 times.  Wade Boggs has collected 2 Gold Glove trophies.  He has finished in the Top 22 for the MVP award 9 times. 

Boggs has played in 2 World Series match-ups.  He was part of the forgettable Red Sox team that lost to the New York Mets in 1986.  Luckily he was rewarded for his hard work and dedication to the sport in 1996 as a member of the New York Yankees and their championship team.  During that championship series in 1996, Boggs hit .273 while collecting 3 hits, 2 RBI, and of course 0 strikeouts!!!