The Three Amigos Go To Spring Training!!!

The plan fell in place about a month ago.  Dave of Fielder’s Choice fame and his wife, Rebecca, were headed to Florida for a week long vacation.  His goal was to catch a little Spring Training action and her goal was to enjoy the Walt Disney World experience.

Dave emailed both Mario from the #1 sportscard blog Wax Heaven and I about possibly meeting up to see the Rays take on our local Orioles in Ft. Lauderdale.  The game was on Saturday, the 21st, and we agreed to all meet at the stadium.  Prior to his trip, I provided Dave with a few tips about my successes with meeting players and getting autographs during games at the stadium and we all agreed that General Admission tickets were the best bet.

When I tell you that it rained from the time I left my house at 11:15 in the morning until the 15 minutes before the game was to start(1:05) I would not be exaggerating.  The 4 of us patiently stood by the concession stand as we tried to do our best to stay dry.  As soon as it let up a little bit, one of would say something like, ‘Finally’ and then it would just open up again.  Right around 12:45 the rain stopped so we headed for the field in hopes of seeing the players warm up and maybe get a few autographs.  Then we heard the message being passed around, “The game has been canceled’.  What?  didn’t they know that Dave and Rebecca drove from NC all the way to FL just to see this game?  Didn’t they know that Mario and I both left our wives and kids at home so we could enjoy a day at the ballpark??  Canceled??  Yes, canceled.  The worst part of it was that as soon as it was indeed game-time, the skies opened up and it bacame a nice day.

Dave still has some good stories to share and I will let him do that when he returns from his trip.  For me, my memories of the day are: 1. great conversation with 2 of the guys that have inspired this blog.  2. a voucher I can send to the Orioles organization requesting a refund.  3. a picture of the ‘Three Amigos’. 


2 responses to “The Three Amigos Go To Spring Training!!!

  1. It was fun. We are going to have to meet up in Jupiter next time, cause that stadium was rundown.

  2. Great post, Brian! I really enjoyed meeting both you and Mario. Getting to meet and talk to you guys made the trip to Fort Lauderdale worth it. We got lucky on Sunday with beautiful weather in Port Charlotte and a nice Rays win over the Yankees. Thanks again for all of your help in planning the trip – and for YOUR generosity with the Rays media guide!

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