‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #5

‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – Card #5

Rickey Henderson – 1980 Topps

Rickey Henderson is easily the flashiest player to debut during the 1980’s.  With a smile and charisma that was unmatched, everyone stayed tuned when Rickey was at the plate.  And for very good reason…

Rickey Henderson is a heart-breaker.  81 times in his career, he has started the game with a lead-off home run.  He has delivered the ultimate heart-breaking experience for an opposing team and it’s fans 81 times. 

As a hitter, Rickey had an excellent eye and a calm, but intense approach at the plate.  With 3,055 career hits and a lifetime batting average of .279, Henderson was able to disrupt opposing pitchers as he found his way on base at a clip of 40%.  Ranking 2nd all-time with 2,190 career walks, Rickey took advantage of each opportunity when he was on base.  The greatest base stealer in baseball history, Henderson has tallied 1,406 total swipes which is almost 500 more than the man in 2nd place.  In addtion to that, Rickey has stolen 100 or more bases 3 times in a single season. 

With his amazing speed, Henderson offered quite a bit of power for a lead-off hitter.  With 297 career home runs, Rickey is 3 dingers shy of reaching the infamous 300/300 club which is occupied by just 6 players in baseball history.  Over the course of his career, Rickey Henderson has tallied 1,115 RBI while also scoring 2,295 runs which is also a baseball record.

Defensively, Rickey Henderson has been recognized as a Gold Glove outfielder one time.  Never considered to be stellar, Rickey was a showman and often turned a routine play into a theatrical move as he swiped fly balls out of mid-air.  Rickey entertained like no other…

Rickey Henderson’s best season came in 1990 as a member of the Oakland Athletics.  He won the MVP award with his amazing numbers of .325/25/61.  Added to his impressive numbers were 65 steals, 159 hits, 119 runs scored, and an on-base percentage of 44%.  Rickey Henderson is also a 3-time winner of the Silver Slugger award as well as a 10-time All-star.

Henderson has played in 3 World Series match-ups and was the winner of 2 championship titles.  In 1989 with the Oakland A’s, Rickey hit an amzing .474 while also collecting 3 stolen bases, 9 hits, 3 RBI, and 1 home run in the 4-game series.  In 1993 with the Toronto Blue Jays, Henderson was less effective as he hit .227 with 5 hits, 1 stolen base, and 2 RBI in the 6-game series. 



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  1. good start to your top five . . . drum roll please . . .

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