The Contents Of Mystery Box #1 Can Now Be Revealed!!!

Mystery box #1 has been returned home safely to me.  Below is the story…

I have been to Ft. Lauderdale stadium now 4 times this pre-season.  Each time I go, I bring an extra baseball with me just in case I happen to run into him.  He’s one hell of a player, and in my opinion is one of the finest players that dominated during the 1970’s.  Since my luck was wearing out, I decided to send a ball to him in hopes of getting his autograph.

Check this out:


Yep.  Jim Palmer.  3-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher.  Hall of Famer.  And one hell of a great guy….  I wanted to meet Mr. Palmer in person.  I have always admired him from a far for his incredible string of pitching perfection during the mid-70’s.  And if it were not for Fergie Jenkins, Jim Palmer may just be my favorite pitcher from that decade.

Well, now I own baseballs signed by both.  I wrote a very expressive letter to Mr. Palmer about my admiration for his contribution to the game of baseball.  He in turn personalized this baseball to me(COOL!!) and included some of his amazing credentials: 1973, 75, 76 CY & HOF ’90.

I could not be any happier with this signed ball.  Thank you very much, Mr. Palmer!!!

I have to give a huge ‘Hat-Tip’ to Ryan(DiamondCutter) from for helping me with Mr. Palmer’s address.  Thanks Ryan.

4 responses to “The Contents Of Mystery Box #1 Can Now Be Revealed!!!

  1. Very freakin’ cool! CONGRATS on the sweet sig.

  2. Awesome! As an O’s fan, I have to say that is one excellent autograph.


  4. dude you gotta let me know how you do that!!! Get a ball TTM too cool!!!

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