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Baseball Milestones To Look Forward To In 2009…

As every new season begins I cannot help but hope that we will see baseball history made.  So with that, I bring to you a list of possible historical events that can take place during the 2009 baseball season.

Wish these guys luck!!!

Randy Johnson is 5 wins away from the magical 300 wins milestone.  He also needs 211 strikeouts to become  the second pitcher to reach 5,000 K’s.


Barry Bonds is just 65 hits shy of 3,000.


Mariano Rivera needs just 18 saves to reach the 500 saves mark.


Gary Sheffield is 1 home run away from making it into the ‘500 HR Club’.


Alex Rodriguez needs just 47 home runs to reach 600.


Carlos Delgado needs just 31 home runs to reach ‘500’.


Sit back and relax.  2009 should be a wonderful and historical year for the baseball fan!!!

2008 Topps Andre Dawson – 50th Anniversary All-Star Rookie Team

What a classic looking card!  Now that my ‘playing days’ collection of Andre Dawson is complete I am going to expand a little and pick up some of the very impressive cards that have been issued after Andre’s retirement.

This card commemorates Dawson’s 1977 All-Star rookie performance and I am thrilled to add it to my collection.  Any card of Andre in an old-school Expos uniform is going to find a special place in my collection.

This card’s design is pretty basic, but it looks great. 


Happy Anniversary Cecil Fielder!!!

On this day back in 1996 you stole the first base of your major league career!!!

It took 1,097 games, but you finally did it.  Congratulations!!!


‘The 40/40 Club’ – 1980’s – A Review

This was very fun, and very exhausting.  I am going to take a break from these kinds of ‘themed’ posts so I can focus a little more on cards and the upcoming season.

I hope you enjoyed my recap of the best players to debut during the 1980’s as much as I enjoyed writing about them.

And now for 1 last time, I give you the ’40/40′ club…

Date Rank Year Player
31-Mar 1 82 Cal Ripken, Jr.
30-Mar 2 87 Barry Bonds
29-Mar 3 87 Greg Maddux
28-Mar 4 85 Roger Clemens
27-Mar 5 80 Rickey Henderson
26-Mar 6 89 Ken Griffey, Jr.
25-Mar 7 87 Rafael Palmeiro
24-Mar 8 83 Tony Gwynn
23-Mar 9 88 Tom Glavine
22-Mar 10 84 Kirby Puckett
21-Mar 11 89 Craig Biggio
20-Mar 12 89 Randy Johnson
19-Mar 13 83 Wade Boggs
18-Mar 14 88 John Smoltz
17-Mar 15 85 Mark McGwire
16-Mar 16 83 Ryne Sandberg
15-Mar 17 86 Jose Canseco
14-Mar 18 87 Barry Larkin
13-Mar 19 88 Roberto Alomar
12-Mar 20 89 Gary Sheffield
11-Mar 21 87 Bo Jackson
10-Mar 22 85 Dwight Gooden
9-Mar 23 85 Orel Hershiser
8-Mar 24 84 Don Mattingly
7-Mar 25 86 Fred McGriff
6-Mar 26 84 Darryl Strawberry
5-Mar 27 89 Curt Schilling
4-Mar 28 81 Tim Raines
3-Mar 29 86 Vince Coleman
2-Mar 30 81 Fernando Valenzuela
1-Mar 31 86 Andres Galarraga
28-Feb 32 87 Will Clark
27-Feb 33 86 Cecil Fielder
26-Feb 34 82 Lee Smith
25-Feb 35 85 Eric Davis
24-Feb 36 88 Mark Grace
23-Feb 37 85 Bret Saberhagen
22-Feb 38 83 Willie McGee
21-Feb 39 87 David Cone
20-Feb 40 89 Jim Abbott