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Rick Reuschel Autograph TTM Success!!!

Rick Reuschel returned these autographed cards to me in just 9 days!!!  It appears that he was in such a rush to get these back to me that he shoved them in their penny sleeves when the ink was not dry as 2 of them are smudged(1 slightly and 1 big-time).

Reuschel had a very solid 19-year career in the big leagues.  Many of my memories are of his last few seasons with the San Francisco Giants, but he played 11 1/2 years with the Chicago Cubs.  1977 was his best year as a Cubbie as he finished in 3rd place for the Cy Young award.  In that season, Reuschel started 37 games while going 20-10.  He had a 2.79 ERA and struck out 166  batters over the course of 252 innings.

Thanks for the great autographs ‘Big Daddy’!!!  Smudges and all… 


1989 Fleer Updated Rickey Henderson

1989 Fleer Updated Rickey Henderson

Pop Quiz: What is Rickey thinking in this picture??


UPDATE !!!! Contest Time At ’30-Year Old Cardboard’

It looks like several readers missed my only rule for this contest:

Each team can only be selected one time – so we can have just 30 contestants. 

We have an overabundance of people that picked the same teams.  I am going to recap the picks below, and if you were the second or third or fourth person to pick a team that had already been selected you may choose from the remaining teams. 

Teams have been handed out in the order that they were chosen.  Here we go:

Yankees – Rod

Angels – Night Owl

Phillies – Matt R

Cardinals – Burnseez

Indians – Rico

Cubs – Jeremy

Red Sox – Adam E.

Rays – BozemanBreaker

Brewers – Brian

Mets – Old School Breaks

Dodgers – Albuqwirke

Twins – Thrylos98

Braves – Jim

Marlins – Wicked Ortega

Tigers – Jennifer

Royals – Jessica

16 teams have been chosen, which means that 14 remain.  Ben, Gerad, Andrew, Mark, Kevin, RWH, Steve, and FishCrazy feel free to chose another team if you’d like.



OK, with the 2009 baseball season just days away I thought it was time to initiate my first contest of the season.

This one should be a breeze – ‘Pick the first team to win 12 games’

It’s that simple.  Submit your choice into the comments section of this post.  Each team can only be selected one time – so we can have just 30 contestants.  If 2 teams happen to reach the 12-win goal on the same night than each of the readers that selected those teams will be declared as winners.

Who are you going to choose?  Your favorite team?  Or are you going to study the MLB schedules to see who has the easiest raod to 12 wins??  Either way, make sure that your selections are in by Noon on Sunday, April 5th to make your selections count!!!

What’s up for grabs you ask?  Oh, I don’t know…  How about your choice of any one of these beautifully autographed baseball cards that I have obtained through the mail over the last few months???


Are you ready to play????  Submit your pick now!!!