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Brett Butler Autograph TTM Success!!!

The Butler did it.  What is itIt is signing my baseball cards in just 16 days.

I sent Mr. Butler a stack of 5 cards and asked for just 1 to be returned to me.  I offered the remainder to him to use for kids that ask for autographs but have nothing to get signed except for a napkin.  Well, I guess my letter must have really hit home with Brett as he returned all 5 cards to me signed. 

On a personal note – When I was a kid, I batted lead-off in Little League.  My coach wanted to teach me how to bunt so he used Brett Butler as my teacher.  I learned from one of the best.  Everything I did mimicked Brett.  My hands, my feet, my shoulders, the position of the bat..  just like Brett’s!!!  I shared this story in my letter to Brett.

Below are the cards, there were 2 from the 1987 Topps set.  The other one is now part of my most recent contest…

Thank you Mr. Butler!!!


Al Downing Autograph TTM Success!!!

Al Downing signed this card for me in just 9 days!!!

Al Downing had a pretty strange career.  He pitched for 17 years in the big leagues and he reached some great heights while also hitting some pretty low, lows…

Downing debuted with the New York Yankees and quickly became a solid component in their pitching rotation.  From 1963-67, he recorded double-digit wins in each season striking out 150+ a year and maintaining an ERA in the 3.50 range.  After his Yankee career was over in 1969 he bounced around in 1970 and then landed with the Dodgers for the remainder of his playing days.  In 7 seasons in LA, he only had 1 strong season – but it was awesome!!  In 1970 Al Downing finished in 3rd place for the Cy Young Award.  He had a record of 20-9 while throwing 12 complete games which included 5 shutouts.  He also racked up 136 K’s and had an ERA of just 2.68.  After than he fizzled out and never regained his winning ways from the first half of his career.

Thank you for the great autograph Mr. Downing!!! 


‘The Maybin-Meter’ Is Off And Running….

The season is under way, and Cameron Maybin is off and running….

Be sure to check back frequently to watch ‘The Maybin Meter’!!!


My Andre Dawson ‘Fab 5’ – Card #4

Now that my Andre Dawson player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #4 – 1983 Topps

I love the 1983 Topps design.  It was voted best design issued during the 1980’s by the readers of this blog.

This card captures 2 great photos on Andre – 1 action and 1 cameo.  The action photo looks great and shows ‘The Hawk’ as he gears up ready to take on whatever the pitcher is preparing to throw at him.  The photographer did a great job of getting a full-body action shot while still giving us the ability to see the look of concentration on Andre’s face.  The cameo offers the exact opposite.  The menacing stare is still present, but we finally get to see Andre crack a smile, albeit a toned-down version.