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Possibly The Funniest Baseball Video I Have Ever Seen…

 I don’t know if anything else needs to be said.  Just watch the video… 

Tommy Hutton Autograph TTM Success!!!

Tommy Hutton returned these 2 cards to me in just 9 days!!!

While many of you may not have heard of Hutton, South Florida knows him very well.  He is the TV analyst for the Florida Marlins and does a pretty good job.

Hutton played in the major leagues for 12 seasons.  Never a star, Hutton was a serviceable player.  Although he was unable to put together a stellar season, there were a few flashes of brilliance during his playing days.  In 1977 he hit .309.   In 1972 he drove in 38 runs while also scoring 40.

Thank you for the great autographs Tommy!!! 


My Andre Dawson ‘Fab 5’ – Card #1

Now that my Andre Dawson player collection is complete I wanted to take the time to show off my favorite 5 cards from this set.

Card #1 – 1987 Fleer

This card is without a doubt my favorite from my Andre Dawson collection.  While there is nothing exceptional about the ’87 Fleer design, it works perfectly for the few teams that share similar colors – like the Expos.  I like how strong the White of the player name and player position stand out against the vivid Blue background.  I like the slow descending change of the border color as it goes from strong and bold to stark and bare.  The trio of colors from Expos uniform that Andre is wearing along with the prominent logo featured on the bottom right-hand side of the card really pop.

And then there is ‘The Hawk’.  In a familiar pose with his weapon of choice, the photographer took a risk by approaching this shot from a different angle.  The result is pure magic as we get to see Andre, still with that intense glare, but in a light that srceams ‘Look Out’!!!

So, there you have it.  This is by far my favorite Andre Dawson card from my player collection.  It has been a thrill collecting this set, and I look forward to obtaining more and more cards of ‘The Hawk’ as they challenge the ’87 Fleer card for the #1 spot.