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Another Baseball Card Shop Bites The Dust…

 While running errands wife my wife and kids yesterday I added ‘stop at card shop’ to our list.  I needed to get some plastic and although Wal-Mart usually has what I need we had no plans of going there while the card shop was close to where we would be. 

Usually they will just stay in the car when I run in.  That is until we saw this…. 


I guess there will be no more running to the card shop, huh?  This is the 3rd card shop that I have seen close down since my return to the hobby less than 1 year ago.  While I am not surprised by this, I am a little saddened by what has happened to our hobby.

Let me say that I am guilty of seeking out bargains.  The Internet has offered us a wonderful marketplace to buy anything we want, and it is almost always at a price that is much better than a brick & mortar shop can offer.  But still, my childhood of collecting included frequent trips to the card store searching for commons needed to complete sets amongst other things.  And the card shop was always the first place to get all of the new releases. 

Ughhh…  I guess this is one part of the hobby that acn fall under the category of ‘Back when I used to collect cards’.

I miss the Good Old Days!!!  I hope card shows aren’t next…

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Graig Nettles

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Graig Nettles

Graig Nettles enjoyed a very successful 22-year baseball career.  While never considered to be an elite player, Nettles certainly had his share of incredible moments.

Nettles is a 6-time All-star.  He has won 2 Gold Gloves.  And his best years in baseball came as a member of the New York Yankees in 1977 & 1978.  Not only did he finish in 5th and 6th place for the MVP award in those 2 seasons, he also won his 2 Gold Glove awards in those seasons and of course 2 World Series Championships!!!

A lifetime .248 hitter with 390 home runs, 2,225 hits, and 1,314 RBI, Graig Nettles has earned his spot as a ‘Super Veteran’!