Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

Marquis Grissom Autograph TTM Success!!!

18 days was all that it took for Maruis Grissom to return these beatuifully signed cards to me.  I am especially happy about this return as I have read that Grissom is usually a very hard autograph to obtain through the mail and in person.

Grissom was a solid offensive threat during his 17-year career in the major leagues.  With a lifetime batting average of .272 and an on-base percentage of .318, Marquis added quite a bit to the line-up.  And once on base, he was a terror.  Grissom has 429 stolen bases in his career and has also scored 1,187 runs.  Not to be outdone by his offensive skills, Grissom was also a solid defender.  With his speed and strong arm leading the way he won 4 consecutive Gold Glove awards in the mid-90’s!

Thank you for the great autographs Marquis!! 


1983 Fleer Rickey Henderson – Speed & …

1983 Fleer Rickey Henderson  – Speed & …

 While definitely not one of the best looking cards in my Rickey Henderson collection, here is another one to scratch off my need list.

Obviously this is a 2-card set.  And after a few seconds of research I now know that I need to get the other half – Reggie Jackson!

And just when I thought my need list was starting to decrease in size another cards gets added…  You’ve got to love this hobby!!!!


Alfonso Soriano Is Soaring!!!

Last night during Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN, Alfonso Soriano took 1 more step closer to making baseball history.

Soriano stole the 250th base of his career earning him a place in the 250/250 club.  He is now on his way to joining the 6 members of the 300/300 club.  Barring any injuries, Alfonso has a real shot of making it to this elite club during the 2010 season.

And at 33 year of age and still averaging 30+ home runs and 20+ steals a year, one has to wonder if Alfonso is capable of reaching the even more exclusive level of 400/400.  We know he can do it, but will he?  His numbers have declined a bit, but he still shows signs of the guy that smacked 46 dingers and stole 41 bases in 2006.

You may recall that I posted about his possibility in the 400/400 club a few months ago.  If not, read this.  My money(the very little that I have) is on Soriano!! 

Congratulations Alfonso!!


Happy Anniversary Hank Aaron!!!

On this day in 1954 you made your debut as a professional baseball player.  Happy Anniversary!

At the time who would have thought that you would be the player to surpass the great Babe Ruth’s all-time home run mark?  Who would have thought that you would have been 1 of just a few players in the history of the game to eclipse the 500 home run and 3,000 hit plateaus?  Who would have thought you would have been a 21-time All-star?  A 3-time Gold Glove winner?  A Most Valuable Player?  A World Series winner?

Thank you for dreaming Mr. Aaron.  Thank you for reaching for the stars!!!