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Come On Fredi, Give The Kid A Little Consistency…

As you know by now I am documenting Cameron Maybin’s 2009 season via the feature ‘The Maybin-Meter’.  You can find a link to this page on my site on the banner of my home page or by clicking this link.

The Marlins have been incredibly successful 6 games into the season(they’re 5-1) so I don’t want to start questioning management’s moves.  But I am very curious as to why they have been alternating Cameron Maybin’s batting position.  He’s been switching between the #2 and #8 spots and has been unable to develop a consistent approach at the plate.

Batting 2nd, and in front of Hanley Ramirez is going to give Maybin a much different pitching style to face than he will when batting 8th and in front of a pitcher.  As the #2 hitter, he’s making decent contact and fouling off the ball very hard.  In the 8-hole, he is striking out more because the pitcters don’t have to throw him anything decent.  He’s still young and undisciplined enough at the plate so he’s committing to swing very early. 

What’s funny about this is that for most of the off-season and deep into Spring Training Maybin was slotted to be the lead-off hitter.  The team released Dallas McPherson and gave the 3rd base job and lead-off role to Emilio Bonifacio.  Since Bonifacio has gotten off to an amazing start he will likely keep that job until he is unable to produce.

So what’s the deal Fredi?  Maybin need to play every day to develop his skills.  But you cannot keep changing his role on the team.  Give the kid a chanceKeep him at #8.  Let him learn how to be a more patient hitter.  Let him make mistakesMake him learn.  But please, please, I beg of you STOP switching up his role!!!


1983 Topps Super Veteran – Rod Carew

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Rod Carew

What can you say about Rod Carew?  I am not sure that ‘Super Veteran’ is an expressive enough tag for a player like him.  Something more along the lines of ‘Super Bad-Ass Veteran’ seems more fitting to me.

While probably one of the quietest players in the sport, Carew was a superstar!  After 19-successful seasons in the major leagues, Carew left the game with a very impressive list of accomplishments.  Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, 3,000 hits, .328 career batting average, 353 stolen bases, 18-time All-star.  WOW!!!

So again I say ‘Super Veteran’ – NO, ‘Super Bad-Ass Veteran’ – YES!!!!    


Glenn Beckert Autograph TTM Success!!!

 21 days.  3 weeks.  Whatever you want to call it, Glenn Beckert signed this card for me.  And fairly quickly too!

1 of the most valuable players on the Chicago Cubs during the late 1960’s, Beckert was a great compliment to the team’s superstars(Banks, Williams, Santo).  In his best season in 1968, Beckert finished in 9th place for the MVP award.  In that season, Beckert hit .294 while amassing 189 hits.  He also smacked 4 home runs, 28 doubles, stole 8 bases, drove in 37 runs and scored 98 times.

Thank you Mr. Beckert!!  Another Cubs legend to check off of my list!!! 


Happy Birthday Greg Maddux!!!

Today Greg Maddux turns 43 years old!

Possibly the best pitcher to play in the last 25 years there is nothing that Greg Maddux did not accomplish during his magnificent baseball career.

World Series championship – check

Cy Young Award – check

All-Star – check

Gold Glove – check

So what do you give a guy that has accomplished so much over the course of his career?  Hmmm, this is a very tough one.  Why don’t we hang his jersey number from the flagpost at one of the greatest sporting venues ever.  Yeah, let’s do it.  And let’s do it on May 3rd.  Sound good?  I thought so….