Happy Anniversary Reggie Jackson!!

On this date in 1972 Reggie Jackson wore a mustache to a baseball game.  Happy Anniversary Reggie!!!

Wait a minute, what is so special about that you ask?  Let me tell you.  Reggie’s mustache was the first one to make it onto a professional baseball field for a game since 1914.  Yes, 1914.  For 58 years no player was seen on the field until Reggie brought his mustache to the game on April 15, 1972. 


What’s special about this is that if there were no Reggie Jackson and his mustache, their would have been no…


… Rollie Fingers and his famous handle-bar mustache or…


…Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage and his bushy, walrus-esque mustache or…


… Eddie Murray and his 1970’s inspired facial hair.

So again, I say ‘Happy Anniversary Reggie Jackson’!!!!

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary Reggie Jackson!!

  1. and where would baseball be today without facial hair ?

  2. The A’s encouraged to grow facial hair as away to attract a younger audience. Finely even gave $500 per player if they could grow the ‘stache before Father’s Day.

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