What Ever Happened To Tom Browning???

Tom Browning put together a very solid 12-year professional baseball career.  11 of his 12 years were played with the Cincinnati Reds and he tallied 123 wins and 90 losses.  Browning’s career was capped by 3 very special moments:

1 – During his first full season in 1985, Browning finished in 2nd place for the Rookie of the Year award and in 6th place for the Cy Young award.  In that ’85 season, Tom started 38 games while winning 20 and losing just 9.  His ERA that year was 3.81 and he struck out 155 batters.

2 – Tom Browning is a member of the Cincinnati Reds’ World Series championship team from 1990.  In that 4-game sweep of the Oakland A’s, Browning picked up a win helping the team win the title and make history with one of the greatest upsets in World Series history.

3 – Tom Browning threw a perfect game on September 16, 1988.  No hits, no walks, no base runners.  Browning was indeed perfect and I still remember watching the highlights of that game some 20+ years later.

Since retiring from the game, Browning has authored a book appropriately titled – ‘Tom Browning’s Tales From the Reds’ Dugout’.  He has also been hired on to be a pitching coach for the Carolina Mudcats, a AA affiliate of Cincinnati Reds.

In late-March of 2009,  Tom Browning was arrested for missing child support payments. 




3 responses to “What Ever Happened To Tom Browning???

  1. He looks like hell!

  2. Of the pitchers in mlb who threw perfect games:including Ernie Shore,Harvey Haddix(mlb changed the rules years after the fact) and Pedro Martinez,Tom Browning came the closet in baseball history to throwing a second perfect game by going into the ninth inning of a game against the Phillies with another perfect game intact.The leadoff hitter in the ninth got a single

  3. I remember when he broke his freaking arm throwing a pitch. That pretty much ended his career.

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