Charlie Hough Autograph TTM Success!!!

31 days was all that it took for Charlie Hough to return these great autographs to me.  I’ve wanted to go after Mr. Hough for a while now but was waiting until I secured a card from his days with the Marlins before I tried.

Charlie Hough can be remembered for several things from his 25-year career.  216 wins/216 losses…  1986 All-star game…  3 World Series losses…

But for me, the name Charlie Hough represents Florida Marlins history.  Hough was the starting pitcher on Opening Day in 1993, the first year of the Florida Marlins.  No matter what the result was, a 6-3 win over Orel Hershiser and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Hough is a baseball legend for Marlins fans. 

I am thrilled to have this card in my collection!  Thank you Mr. Hough!! 


2 responses to “Charlie Hough Autograph TTM Success!!!

  1. Hough never would have made it to the Marlins without learning to throw the knuckle ball after suffering a shoulder injury in the Dodgers organization.

    It was Tommy Lasorda, along with a scout, who helped teach Hough the knuckleball, and then Hough got some advice from Phil Niekro and then carved out a successful bullpen career with the Dodgers.

    He ended up having a long and successful career, all because of Tommy!

    (As you can see, I think of Hough as a Dodger)

  2. That ’93 UD looks real nice with the blue signature.

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