Darryl Strawberry Book Signing Event Coming Soon!!!

Darryl Strawberry’s autobiography is being released on April 28th.  In ‘Straw: Finding My Way’ Darryl takes us on a journey through his career in the big leagues to his troubles off of the baseball diamond.  The book promises to share tales from his early days with the New York Mets through his career as one of baseball’s biggest superstars and then through his rough times of legal troubles, addiction, and finally resurrecting his life.

As you know by now I enjoy sports biographies especially of players that I have felt a connection to during my youth.  You can see my other successes here – Billy Williams, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, and Alonzo Mourning.  Darryl Strawberry is no exception and I have already made plans to purchase this book and have it signed by one of my favorite New York Mets.

Details for the book signing can be found through this link:

Tour – http://www.harpercollins.com/Author/Tour.aspx?authorID=34700

If you happen to live in New York or California than maybe you can attend this event yourself.  For the rest of us we need to rely on a little help from one of these bookstores.  I have called all of them, and very few were willing to (1) take my order and (2) ensure that this book gets personalized ‘To Brian’.

I have chosen to purchase this book from a little shop in New York City called Hue-Man Bookstore.  Why not support the little guys and tell the ‘Big’ chain stores that a little personal attention is a nice service to offer.  The great team at Hue-Man took my order easily over the phone and said that it will ship immediately after the signing.   If you too would like to place an order for this book and have it signed by the author, Darryl Strawberry, I suggest you call Hue-Man as they will happily take care of you.

You can contact them by calling – 212-665-7400.

I cannot wait to get this book in the mail!!!! 

2 responses to “Darryl Strawberry Book Signing Event Coming Soon!!!

  1. I’ve read some excerpts from the book… his days at Shea should be interesting reading. I wish I lived in one of the areas to get an autograph copy in person.

    Looking forward to your book review.

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