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Where Am I Supposed To Go To Get My Storage Boxes Now???

You may recall from a few weeks ago that I posted about the last local baseball card shop near my home closing it’s doors.  If not, you can read that story here.

So, my question is this – Where am I supposed to get my storage boxes now?

I don’t use albums.  I have everything I own in penny sleeves or top-loaders and their all neatly organized in my cardboard boxes.  I am going to need to buy something soon to accommodate the new stuff I have added to my collection and another 3-row box seems like the perfect choice.  So where do I go?  The closest hobby shop that I know of is 25+ miles away from my house, and it’s hardly worth the gas money to buy a $3 box.  The web doesn’t seem like a logical choice either because the shipping charge would be more than the cost of the box.

For all of you collctors out there that keep your cards in plastic sleeves and cardboard boxes, please tell me how you’re getting your supplies!  Thank you.

2 Andre Dawson Cards From The Topps ‘Fan Favorites’ Series

2 classic looks. 2 great cards.

These 2 cards are from the ‘Fan Favorites’ set that Topps put out in 2003 & 2004.

Card #1 is a re-make of the 1981 Topps set, featuring a brand new photo of ‘The Hawk’ in his old-school Montreal Expos uniform.

Card #2 is a re-make of the 1987 Topps set, a personal favorite of mine.  1987 was Andre’s first season with the Cubs and it’s fitting to feature him in a great pose on this classic design!! 


Happy Birthday Chipper Jones!!

Chipper Jones turns 37 years old today.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been able to enjoy watching Larry ‘Chipper’ Jones play for close to 2 decades.  I remember getting his rookie cards in packs when I collected cards as a kid and being thrilled to pull the brightest star in the set.

16 years later, Chipper has been nothing short of spectacular.  His offensive dominance has been as consistent as any player in the game.  And his skills seem to sharpen season after season as he becomes a better hitter, a more powerful hitter, and a more disciplined hitter.

For his 37th birthday, I want to give Chipper Jones perfect health.  He is on his way to some major baseball accomplishments(500 home runs and 3,000 hits) and if he can stay healthy he can continue to reach for the stars.  I know I am pulling for him!!!

Happy Birthday Chipper!!!

Who Would Have Thought…. The Toronto Blue Jays Would Be The First To Win 12 Games…

Who Would Have Thought…. The Toronto Blue Jays Would Be The First To Win 12 Games…

… I guess nobody since they are 1 of the very few teams that did not get picked for this contest.

We march on…  First to 12 still up in the air!!!!

For a recap of who has each team, click here.