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1983 Topps Super Veteran – Ted Simmons

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Ted Simmons

Who knew?

21 major league seasons is what Ted Simmons gave us.  7 Top-20 MVP finishes too.  For some reason, I just cannot remember Ted Simmons from his playing days.  Yet, his numbers are pretty solid.  A career .285 hitter with 248 home runs and 1,389 RBI, Simmons certainly had his share of success in the big leagues.  Simmons was also a very versatile fielder as he spent periods of his career playing 1st base, 3rd base, catcher, and 2 outfield spots.

Super?  Maybe, maybe not.  Solid?  No doubt!!! 


1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson

1985 Fleer Rickey Henderson

Fleer got it right in 1985.  In my opinion they had the best issue of cards in that year.

There is nothing about this card that doesn’t work.  The photo is incredible and indicative of something anyone would see in a game featuring Rickey Henderson.  And the team-themed borders are perfect compliments.  The Yellow and Green of the Oakland Athletics uniform was used throughout the card’s design by Fleer, yet it doesn’t take away from the centerpiece of the card which happens to be an incredible photo of ‘The Man of Steal’ himself!!!!


Pete Rose Used To Be A Great Spokesman For Baseball

It’s a shame that a guy who accomplished so much on the baseball diamond is no longer a part of this great sport.   I love Pete Rose, and I support any movement to get him back into baseball at any capacity possible.

During his great career he was a great spokesman for the sport.  Just 1 example of that can be seen here: