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Bash Brothers 2.0

I tend to compare players of today to players that I cheered for as a kid.  And for some reason, I continue to compare the Florida Marlins of 2008 & 2009 to the ‘Bash Brothers’ from the Oakland A’s teams of the late 1980’s.

Although the fish have nobody hitting moon shots, they have a very solid line-up of players that can deliver the long ball.  Amazingly, they don’t have a single player with the physique of a Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, or Dave Henderson, but they still blast their fare-share of home runs.

If it’s not Dan uggla, it’s Jorge Cantu.  If it’s not Jorge Cantu, it’s Hanley Ramirez, If it’s not Hanley Ramirez, it’s Jeremy Hermida.  And if it’s not Jeremy Hermida, it’s Cody Ross!!!  You’ve got to love the Fish!!! 

5 More Modern Cards Featuring The Hawk…

And the collection continues to grow.  I picked up these 5 beauties over the last few weeks via www.sportlots.com and good old www.ebay.com.

With the original goal of my Andre Dawson collection behind me, I am quickly building a very nice, and nice-looking stack of more modern stuff.  I’m a sucker for the old Expos uni’s too….

Check these out: 


Did you know…

Did you know that Eddie Matthews is the only person to play for the same franchise(Braves) in three cities:  Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta.

*factoid courtesy of ‘Grand Slam Baseball’

“Now Pitching For Your Florida Marlins, Right-Fielder, Cody Ross”

Am I the only one that cringes when a position player takes the mound?  Actually I more than cringe, I get pissed off!

Haven’t we seen guys lose years off of their careers for this exact same move(Canseco)?  Aren’t the Marlins paying Cody Ross to be out in the outfield on a daily basis?  What if he threw his arm out?  I know it was just 19 pitches, but he was averaging in the mid-80’s and to me that is just not good for the team.  I don’t care that he was a pitcher in high school – he is a professional outfielder.  Hell, ‘The Fish’ were down by 11 runs at the time.  If he got hurt how mad would they be that it happened in a game that they had very little chance of winning.

Cody, please stay off of the mound.  Work on your hitting, and keep playing right field.  We don’t need to lose you to this kind of silliness..