Darryl Strawberry’s Autobiography Is Out Today!!!

Just a friendly reminder that Darryl Strawberry’s autobiography hits the shelves today. 

You can read my original post about this here.  This is a great opportunity to pick up a great book as well as grab an autograph of one of the biggest stars of the 1980’s.

Or you can jump right to the book tour details here.

4 responses to “Darryl Strawberry’s Autobiography Is Out Today!!!

  1. Does anyone know if Mr. Strawberry is coming to the Tampa Bay area (Florida) to sign his book? Thank You

  2. Wow – I have a feeling that the “off the field” information will be more interesting than his accounts of what happened “on the field”.

    I was still a Yankees fan when they signed Darryl Strawberry, and I never liked him – or Gooden – because of their drug addictions. I imagine that Mets fans and Dodgers fans probably feel the same way about how he let their teams down.

  3. I also live in Tampa, FL and wonder if or when Darryl will be coming to Tampa for his book signing. I have a ton of respect and love for Darryl. Everyone makes mistakes.

  4. Sorry, but the tour was just in the NY/NJ and CA areas…

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