Jorge Cantu Autograph TTM Success!!!

Sweet!  These signed Jorge Cantu cards were returned to me in 63 days.

Cantu’s signature is really nice.  I don’t think that the scan does it any justice as it really has some bold and strong curves that really add to the overall look.  And on these 2 cards, it pops!!

I like Cantu.  He’s a very quiet player, but he produces at a rate that is comparable with the stars of the Marlins team.  I also really like the fact that he accepted a position change this off-season just to help the team.  His move from 3rd base to 1st base allows the Marlins to inject a solid defender in Bonifacio at third while also adding quite a bit more speed to the offense.  Guys like these are very easy to like, and Cantu leads that class for me!!

Thanks Jorge!


One response to “Jorge Cantu Autograph TTM Success!!!

  1. Nice success! But hes a met killer……

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