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1983 Topps Super Veteran – Tony Perez

1983 Topps Super Veteran – Tony Perez

 2,732 hits.  379 home runs.  1,652 RBI.  1,272 runs scored.  7-time All-star.  Member of ‘The Big Red Machine’.  2-time World Series Champion.  I would say without question that Tony Perez is a ‘Super Veteran’.

Perez enjoyed a long, 23-year career in the big leagues.  A solid player that put up impressive numbers annually, Perez was a strong contributor and was one of the reasons that his teams played in 5 World Series match-ups.  Perez is a winner – and the teams he played for benefited from his talents.  From 1970-76, Tony’s team played for the World Series title 4 times.  And although they only captured 2 titles in those 4 chances, Tony Perez and ‘The Big Red Machine’ are still talked about today as one of the greatest dynasties in baseball history. 


Happy Birthday Kenny Lofton!!!

Baseball great Kenny Lofton turns 42 years old today.

One of the most underrated players from his era, Kenny Lofton was a throwback-type of player that oftentimes reminded you of the players from the generation prior to his.  With lightening fast speed and great defensive skills, Lofton enjoyed a wonderful 17-season career.

Lofton was the kind of player that every team needs on their roster.  A guy that can do it all, and will make the same level of effort when playing for a first place team with a 10-game divisional lead as he would for a last place team 20 games behind in the standings.  Lofton’s desire to win and help his team was unmeasurable.   And along the way, he racked up some very impressive career statistics.

A lifetime .299 hitter, Kenny lofton finished his career with 2,428 hits.  He also captured 781 RBI, 1,528 runs scored, and an amazing on-base percentage of .372.  He currently ranks 15th all-time with 622 stolen bases.  When it comes to recognition around the league, Lofton tallied 6 All-star appearances and 4 Gold Glove awards.

In total, Kenny Lofton played for 11 different teams over the course of his career.  Of his 17 seasons, 10 were with the Cleveland Indians.  For his birthday I would like to give Lofton a little more appreciation.  Let’s give him a career with just 1 team and make him an everyday player.  Had that occurred, I think we could be looking at another member of the 3,000 hits club and possibly just the second guy to break the 1,000 steals mark.

Happy Birthday Mr. Lofton!!!

Funny Cardinals Commercial – ‘Being Bruce Sutter’

I love this stuff!!! 

1982 Topps Rickey Henderson

1982 Topps Rickey Henderson

This card could be an award winner.  The 1982 is not a favorite of mine, but this card does stand out to me more than the other cards from this set.

It’s amazing what a great photo can do…  Here we see Rickey getting ready to blast off.  Or maybe he’s just toying with the pitcher, catcher, and second baseman he’s playing against.  Either way, this photo captures Rickey doing what he did better than anyone else in the game – disrupting his opposition!!

And while Pink and Green may not be the best color pairing ever used on a baseball card, for this one it works very well.  The Green is a perfect compliment to Rickey’s Oakland A’s uniform.  And the Pink goes well with the Green.  While Pink may not be your standard accent color on a card, for this specific issue Topps made a great choice!!

82T RH

Just 1 more Rickey Henderson card to go and my player collection will be complete!!!

Happy Birthday Manny Ramirez!!!

The most exciting man in the sport turns 37 years old today.

And even while he is serving a suspension for steroid use, Manny Ramirez stands alone as baseball’s biggest personality and one of it’s best players.  I cannot recall a time in this decade that Manny’s name has not been a headline.   He is an extremely talented player with a persona to match.

And while my intent was to give him a vacation for his birthday, I did not want it to be in the manner in which his current break from the game is a result of.  We all know that Manny can hit the ball as well as any of today’s superstars.  We also know that his dedication to the sport and his teammates has been in question for years.  But, we cannot argue that as a single player in a team game, he makes his team perform to a higher level when he is around, and his teammates excel when he is on the roster.

For Manny’s 37th birthday, I give him a new slate for the second half of this 2009 season.  Watch out, because the Dodgers are coming and Manny will be the one driving the train!!!

Happy Birthday Man-Ram!!! 

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ryne Sandberg

Chicago Cubs Greats Of The Game – Ryne Sandberg

Finally, #23 is home.  Strictly because I was always looking for a better deal, this card escaped me for months.  I am happy to announce that it is now part of my collection at last. 

No player since Ernie Banks defines the Chicago Cubs team the way that Ryne Sandberg does.  The loyalty that the fans had to Ryno during his playing days and well after is remarkable and well deserved.

Although Ryno did not have the pleasure of playing on too many winning teams with the Cubs, his effort on a nightly basis is what made him a fan favorite in the ‘Windy City’.  A superb defender with a knack for delivering incredible offense, Ryno was the glue for the Chicago Cubs franchise for 16 terrific seasons. 

A classy player.  A Chicago favorite.  A Hall of Famer.


Happy Anniversary Michael Jack Schmidt!!!

20 years ago today, Mike Schmidt retired from the game of baseball. 

Watching this video still gives me chills…

I remember this press conference like it was yesterday.  Even as a 13-year old kid, I understood how hard it was for a player like Mike Schmidt to leave the game of baseball.  One of the game’s biggest stars for close to 2 decades, Schmidt solidified himself as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time.

With a resume filled with elite milestones, Schmidt was able to leave the game as one it’s greatest players but that did not make the final decision any easier for him.

Cheers to you Mike Schmidt – A baseball hero and a class act!!!