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Check Out What I Won…

Hey, I won another contest.  This one was pure luck.  All I had to do was submit my name into the ‘virtual hat’ to get entry.  Usually I don’t fare well in these kinds of contests but that didn’t stop me from entering this one as it was held by Chemgod of Bad Wax, one of my daily stops in the blogosphere.

But this time my name was pulled and I won!!!  Check out the prize: 


As you know, I don’t know much about newer cards and this is no exception.  The card is numbered 10/25 and is of future Marlins slugger Logan Morrison.  At 21 years of age, Morrison already has 4 years of minor league experience under his belt.  He has shown flashes of power with a knack for belting home runs.  In the 2007 and 2008 seasons, he combined to hit 37 dingers.  And his batting skills are getting sharpened while in the minors too – he went from hitting .267 in 2007 to a very surprising .332 in 2008.

Thanks for the great contest Mike!!

2 More Baseball Inspired Wines For Your Drinking Pleasure

Instead of popping the top off of a bottle of beer or cracking open a can of soda, your preference is to uncork your favorite vino while watching the ball game, this may be for you.

Event Wines has 2 more baseball-inspired wines for you to enjoy.  These wines have a Chicago theme this time around as they are featuring 2 new options.

Option #1 – Mark Buehrle’s ‘Beurhlot’.  A portion of the profits from the sale of this wine go to the charity – ‘Hope Rescues’.

Option #2 – Derek Lee’s ‘CaberLee’.  A portion of the profits from the sale of this wine go to the charity – ‘1st Touch Foundation‘.

2 great baseball stars lending their name all for the sake of charity.  I like the creative process that Event Wines uses for these special edition baseball wines.  That combined with their charitable efforts is a commendable thing.  If you enjoy a glass of wine, give these a shot.  You may find a new wine you like and you’ll be doing your part to support some amazing charities.


Happy Anniversary Rickey Henderson!!!

On this day in 1991 Rickey Henderson became the All-time leader in stolen bases.  As Rickey passed Lou Brock with steal #939 of his career, it was obvious to all watching live and on television that this was a baseball record for the ages.

Henderson’s talent is very rare as his body, specifically his legs, was able to withstand the punishment it takes to steal 939 bases.  Amazingly enough, Henderson was not even close to being done with running.  By the end of his 25-season major league career Henderson would finish with 1,406 stolen bases.

Personally, of all of the records in baseball today I think this one is the safest of them all.  Home runs records will be broken.  Hit streaks may not last.  But this record is truly amazing.  Players that steal 60-70 bases a year would have to have that kind of success for 20 straight years to challenge Rickey’s record.  If you look at the great base stealers in the game today, each of them hits a pinnacle and then a sharp and rapid decline.  This record is safe, and will not be challenged ever!!!

Congratulations Rikcey.  Truly an original, and truly a baseball legend!!! 

Hip, Hip, Jorge!!!!

Jorge Cantu is on fire!!!!

3 home runs in 3 straight games from Jorge Cantu.  That’s 7 home runs on the season so far and 4 this week.

Go Marlins!!!!