Happy Anniversary Lou Gehrig!!!

On this day in 1939 Lou Gehrig put an end to a consecutive games played streak that was unimaginable.  The man that was the picture of perfect health for during his 17-year career was calling it quits due to his battle with a life-threatening disease.

No injuries.  No desire to skip a game.  No player taking his spot on the field.  Lou Gehrig was the ultimate competitor!!

Amazingly, the record was broken more than 50 years later.  But, Gehrig’s legacy and legendary status in the game of baseball lives on.  His dedication to the sport and his team was unmatched and he certainly was more than just ‘present’ on the field.  A 2-time All-star with 2,721 career hits and 493 home runs, Gehrig was a solid contributor to the Yankees and their annual success.  2,130 games with no break is incredible. 

And as a 6-time World Series Champion, Gehrig will go down as one of the greatest New York Yankees players of all-time!!! 

One response to “Happy Anniversary Lou Gehrig!!!

  1. I also marked the final game of Gehrig’s streak a few days ago.


    it is an amazing streak and I think Ripken’s streak gave us a good opportunity to reflect on Lou Gehrig’s accomplishments and career.

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